Hemp and Chia Poop Emoji Yogurt-Sicles

It’s summer, it’s hot and you need something cool to get you through the sweltering heat; make up some tasty hemp and chia poop emoji yogurt-sicles for you and the littles!

I actually found these while walking around Walmart. They were in a middle aisle in a giant bin for less than $2; score!

I know, I know… this is actually an ice cream emoji, but kids and most of the internet claim its poop. I’m okay with poop.

I could have been super gross and made these into fudge poopsicles, but I wanted it to be somewhat healthy for my toddler since she likes eating 2-3 a day.

Don’t judge…


Two tablespoons of chia seeds contain 4 grams of protein and 11 grams of dietary fiber. That’s over 40 percent of your daily fiber needs! They’re also a good source of good fat.


Two tablespoons of hemp seeds provide 10 grams of protein and four percent of your daily fiber needs. Like chia seeds, hemp seeds are high in fat (13 grams per serving).

They’re essentially a really great source of fiber, protein, fat, minerals, calcium and antioxidants.

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Backwoods Brewing Company in Carson, WA 

Have you ever taken a drive to the Gorge in either Washington or Oregon side? You’ll find this hidden gem in the small logging town of Carson, Wa.

We’ve actually been to Backwoods Brewery quite a few times since its opening in 2012. My husband is from Carson and that’s where most of his family resides, so we try to get up there as much as possible to visit. And since it is a small town, food options are kind of limited unless you drive a few minutes to Stevenson, WA. That is until Backwoods Brewery came along!

I love that they make their own dough and sauce for their delicious pizzas, and brew their own variety of beers. My husband dislikes IPAs which they seem to be fond of, but they do have quite a few good beers that aren’t IPA, like their blueberry wheat (seasonal draft) and the Ridge Run Stout.

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The Perfect Summer Fashion Statement for Men

Watches have been around since the 16th century and for good reason; being able to easily tell time at any point of the day is crucial without fumbling around trying to find a phone or looking for a clock. One would think with today’s modern technology that the wrist watch would be dying out and ultimately one day disappearing altogether, but the wristwatch is still thriving and surviving despite technological advancement because they’re more than just a way to keep track of time, they’re also a fashion statement!


I stumbled across JORD Wood Watches and was intrigued by the intricate mechanical designs of some of their pieces as well as the watches being made out of 100% natural woods like maple, bamboo, zebrawood, cherry, blackwood, koa and sandalwood. You can tell that each piece had a lot of thought and time go into the designing process. They’re so classic yet industrial-looking, almost like they came out of the 19th century, especially the Dover pieces which are my husband and my faves.

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Our Independence Day 2017

When I was younger, my parents/grandparents used to take us to the Fort Vancouver so we could watch the fireworks display every year for the Fourth, which is the biggest fireworks display west side of the Mississippi (or so they claim). Well, they had been canceling it, banning fireworks in the city, then reinstating the fireworks display as of recently. So I figured since they were doing the fireworks, and we had no camping plans this year, that we would take our daughter to watch the fireworks. I want to make traditions and memories with her that she can look back on with us. Plus, it would be the first time she would see fireworks and actually be aware. The last time was on the beach in Hawaii, but she was 7 months old and oblivious. lol

That late afternoon, we went to my mom’s for a BBQ and to swim. I decided to do a simple OREO Dessert treat to bring along using Red Velvet OREO’s, milk, whipped cream and added strawberries and blueberries to make it a little more festive. Surprisingly, the fruit on top wasn’t half bad with it.

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OREO Flavor I Wished Existed + OREO Creation Sweepstakes!

OREO cookies are a favorite around here, especially the regular OREO cookie! But, sometimes you want to try something a little different, so that’s why OREO cookie is doing the MY OREO Creation Sweepstakes.  They want YOU to come up with unique ideas for a new OREO cookie flavor and you’ll win 500,000 if your idea is chosen!

I headed over to Walmart to see the many different flavors they offered for inspiration. They had a cinnamon bun, cake batter, mint, peanut butter, red velvet cake and more! You can find many different options for a great price at Walmart stores.

I actually picked up some of the red velvet cake to make up a festive Fourth of July treat today, which is both super easy and tasty with minimal ingredients!

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Family Visit to Osborn Aquatic Center in Corvallis, Oregon

I had plans to drive down to see one of my sisters for months in Albany, Oregon, but every time the time would roll around, something would always come up. One of the kids were sick, I was sick, kids were away with their dad, etc. So we finally decided to make a day of it last Sunday and stick to it, which ended up being one of the hottest days of the year so far at a whopping 100 degrees! We made sure that we found a place where we could get wet and cool off in the blistering sun and Osborn Aquatic Center in Corvallis, Oregon was the place.

It was about a 2 hour and 8 min drive from here to there, which wasn’t too bad since it was straight freeway pretty much. I made sure to have snacks, the swim/sun essentials, a tablet for movie watching and all that good stuff for the two tots in the back seat since my other sister and niece were tagging along. We did end up forgetting the life jackets we just bought, but that was okay because they have plenty at Osborn Aquatic Center to be used.

We arrived there around 2. They seem to only be open from 1-4 pm on Sundays which kind of stinks, but I get it, people want to go home to be with their families too. But I feel like a place like this should at least stay open until 5 or 6 pm in the summer when people are looking for fun ways to cool off.

Their hours are something like this:

Closed now 

Saturday 10:30AM–4PM
Sunday 1–4PM
Monday 5:30AM–7:30PM

(4th of July)


Hours might differ

Wednesday 5:30AM–9PM
Thursday 5:30AM–7:30PM
Friday 5:30AM–9PM

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Local Eats: Thai Orchid Restaurant

I never knew Thai Orchid existed until a friend recommended it; and with it being under 2 miles from my home, I had to give it a try! I’ve been here numerous times and each time has been amazing. I even order to go when I just want to chill at home with good food.

I’ve tried the orange chicken which is decent, but they need to be more giving with the sauce since there’s not really enough on the plate covering the entire battered chicken pieces.

And I’ve tried the evil jungle noodles with chicken, which is now my go to for every future visit because I know it’s going to be delicious every time. The curry sauce is amazing (they sell it on its own by the way for like $4.50 a small container). It has just the right amount of heat with a rating of 1 for me, and the big bowl is only $9.50 for dinner. Can’t really beat that cause I usually have leftovers to take home too!

My favorite Thai food dish: Curry evil jungle noodles. . . . . .

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The drinks are so-so for the price. I haven’t really gone during happy hour so I don’t know what type of specials they have. I wasn’t thrilled with that drink in the photo though. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted good since it was fresh kiwi, but it wasn’t even filled close to the top and cost a fortune. So, don’t go for the drinks, go for the food!

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I have to eat here at least once or twice a month since I crave that delicious yellow curry sauce. So if you’re in town and want some good Thai food, head on over to Thai Orchid Restaurant in Downtown Vancouver, WA.

Winston Oregon Wildlife Safari Trip

Growing up, I never knew this place existed, let alone was only 3 hours from us. We never did much traveling unless our grandparents planned it. So my husband and I make sure we do things with our daughter so that she can have great memories and experiences with us to look back on.

After I purchased the Groupon for Winston Safari, my husband and I decided we should just make a weekend of it since it would be a long drive there and back in one day. So we planned our stay at the Seven Feathers Casino Resort in Canyonville, Oregon as it was only about 25 minutes south of the safari.

Seven Feathers Casino and Resort

Has a pool/hot tubs/sauna, nicely updated rooms, a spa, an arcade, plenty of restaurants and cafes on site. It was almost like I was back in Vegas! I figured with all of these amenities at Seven Feathers Casino and Resort, we’d probably have the best time spending our weekend there.

The first night we arrived, checked in, and then found a grocery store to pick up some snacks. It was an actual Dollar General store. Didn’t think they had any in the state, but I guess we just had to go further south to see one. I was kind of excited about that since I see tons of people posting about Dollar General deals and campaign managers looking for people nearby one. Unfortunately, there isn’t any in the vicinity of me. /tears

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Eagle Creek Oregon Backpacking Trip

I have been on a few backpacking hikes with my husband, but this was the longest and toughest one for me.  I was at my heaviest weight and super out of shape when we did Eagle Creek back in 2011. I dunno if I would currently try it with a kid since there are some dangerous spots on the trail, but it was beautiful.

Pretty much the start of Eagle Creek

I was always lagging behind. My chest felt tight, my breathing was horrendous, I just couldn’t catch my breath and had to stop numerous times which meant I was left trailing behind most of the way with our group.

Top View of Punch Bowl Falls


punch bowl falls below

Most people just hike to Tunnel Falls, but we went the entire 7.5 miles the first day to the last camp spot on the trail before you end up on the steep hike to Wahtum Lake.

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5 Ways to Help Your Cat With Asthma

*I received the medicine in exchange for my honest opinion. I had used this medicine prior to receiving it for review”

My cat hasn’t always had asthma, but it seemed to appear the older she got and the more weight she gained. She’s 15 and about 16 lbs which is heavy for a cat her size.

My cat started having coughing fits about 4 years ago, which I was clueless about. It wasn’t her typical hairball hacking or her gorge on food then throwing it up head movement that I was used to. These seemed to last longer and sounded raspy. I found videos on YouTube of people videoing their cats who had asthma, which sounded and looked identical to what my Yasmine was going through.

I ended up taking her to the vet and explained the symptoms. He checked everything out and she looked and sounded fine. But, they wanted to do this expensive x-ray imaging which I kindly denied. I told them I preferred her to get a steroid shot because I am pretty sure it was cat asthma and that’s what they use to calm the inflammation down.

It took a couple days for the asthmatic attacks to calm down, but I researched and researched until I finally came up with a plan…

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