Best Places for Street Tacos in Vancouver, WA

street tacos

If there’s one food that I’d never get tired of, it’s probably Mexican food. The spice, the rice, beans, salsa and carne asada is like heaven to my taste buds. When we visited Mazatlán, Mexico years ago, I had some of the best food I have ever tasted outside of the tourist town. But can you get that authentic taste elsewhere? Why yes, yes you can!

Although I haven’t tried some of these places, they are highly rated and recommended in our city.

Best Places for Street Tacos in Vancouver, WA

Now everyone’s taste buds are obviously different, so what one may like, others may not, but it seemed like everyone agreed that these are some of the best places in Vancouver, WA to find street tacos. These are in no particular order.

Just a little bit of info if you see them offer delivery services through Grub hub or what-have-you, these delivery services take quite a bit of money from the restaurants who are trying to stay afloat during this pandemic which results in all of the added fees and the higher prices on menu items. It’s best to support by picking up yourself so they’re keeping their money and it not being taken by places like Grub hub.


Location: 114 W 6th St, Vancouver, WA 98660

They are open at their Vancouver location for takeout, and covered, heated outdoor seating.  They are enforcing all guidelines recommended by local health authorities.

For online orders, they have set a 30 minute minimum order time, but they may be able to accommodate a shorter timeline during non-peak times; please call to inquire. They will happily deliver to-go food curbside to your vehicle!  Please call them at 360 -718-2633 when you have parked and let them know where to find you.  They are happy to offer contactless delivery to vehicle trunks.


Location: In Lang Plaza

1309 NE 134th St, Vancouver, WA 98685

There’s always a line of people here so be prepared to wait a little bit. That should tell you it’s GOOD!


This is a taco truck on site where Fortside Brewing is located. They have Fusion tacos from out of this world!

Location: 2200 NE ANDRESEN RD, VANCOUVER, WA, 98661


This is a taco truck behind the Dominos on 78th st and HWY 99.

Location1015 NE 78th St, Vancouver, WA 98665

The fish tacos were highly rated here and so was the chicken, so I ordered those the other day and I must say, I have had better. The only thing that made the fish tacos good was the cilantro lime white sauce or whatever it was that they topped on it because it wasn’t seasoned at all. The beans were super flavorful though!! My husband had the shrimp burrito and let’s just say, I seen her lay down more rice than anything else. It was a huge burrito stuffed with rice and wasn’t worth the $10 in my opinion.

Like I said above, everyone’s pallets are different.

They are a chain of super fast paced, family oriented establishments, serving your favorite Mexican dishes, everything from their popular tacos and nachos to delicious specialties, seafood, and yummy desserts!

Location: 7006 NE Hwy 99, Vancouver, WA 98665

I’ve only eaten a burrito here, so I can’t speak for the tacos, but when I did have a burrito, I thought it could use a little bit more meat.

Location: 3503 E 4th Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661

Location: 9709 NE Highway 99, Vancouver, WA 98665

These tacos are the real thing. They are so good and the price was even better. They remind me of the authentic places in Mexico I ate at.


Location: 4409 Northeast 78th Street, Vancouver, WA 98665

Really good tacos and not expensive at all. They are cash only.


Location: 7709 E Mill Plain Blvd Vancouver, WA 98664

Haven’t tried this taco truck yet, but everyone raves about it! So I cannot wait. It’s just a little further from home so that is why it’s not on my list of firsts to try.


What places in Vancouver, WA have you tried that has great tasting street tacos?



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