5 Things You Should Do Before Trying to Conceive

5 Things You Should Do Before Trying to Conceive

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As some of you may know, I suffered a miscarriage 3 and a half years ago. It was hard for me to wrap my mind around it at the time, but as the days go on, it becomes a little easier to deal with; not forget, because I will never forget that I had life in my womb for 2 and a half months.

A couple of weeks after my D&C procedure, I had a follow-up visit with the OBGYN who did my surgery.  Basically asking what my plans were and how I was feeling and if everything has been alright post-op. Everything was pretty normal. Very minimal bleeding and pain, emotions like a rollercoaster. I literally cried when Shrek 3 came on TV after seeing all of their babies. I was sad before that but that just pushed me over the top. I still get sad of course, but life must go on since I had my Arya girl that I needed to be mentally, emotionally, and physically there for.

My doctor said my husband and I could try to conceive again after I had my first menstrual cycle, but we had decided to wait a few months since I was dealing with waves of emotions with hormones and needed my mental health to be prepared for anything. We did end up trying a couple of months after that and then ended up getting pregnant in August with our Delilah girl.

Pregnancy can be scary and stressful, especially if you’re worried about all of the possible scenarios that could go wrong. My suggestion to you is to just enjoy it, connect with the growing life inside of you, and don’t worry about the what-ifs. But, if you can’t get past the thoughts in your head, you can try these things before you attempt to get pregnant. Some obvious no-brainers too.


5 Things You Should do Before Trying to Conceive


1.) Quit drinking, smoking, doing drugs.

These should all be common sense, but you would be appalled at the number of people who continue to smoke throughout their pregnancy. My sister and my mother both smoked with every one of their pregnancies, and thankfully, every one of us turned out fine, but that doesn’t make it okay. Studies have shown that even second-hand smoke can cause fertility issues.

Some doctors say that a glass of wine is okay while pregnant, but experts at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics, as well as other public health officials in the United States, recommend that pregnant women (and women who are trying to conceive) play it safe by not drinking alcohol in any amount.

2.) Start taking folate immediately.

You want to be taking it at least a month in advance of trying to conceive. This will lessen your chances of having a baby with spina bifida by 50-70%! If you take a multivitamin with folic acid in it, make sure it’s at least 800 mcg. Just know that folic acid is the synthetic form of folate and folate occurs naturally in food.

3.) Lessen your caffeine intake.

If you’re a big coffee drinker who has to have multiple cups of coffee a day, you need to at least cut back to 200 mg which equals one 12 oz cup of coffee until more conclusive studies are done on the effects of caffeine on a fetus.  And a new study shows that high consumption of caffeine is linked to miscarriages. I did not know this. I drink about a cup a day, but more so when I go to Dutch bros and get the medium drink.

4.) Research OBGYN’s in your area that accepts your health insurance.

Nothing is worse than getting stuck with someone who doesn’t listen or care for your needs like they should. I recommend reading reviews of doctors and the clinic you would be seen at before deciding. If you’re in Vancouver, WA, I highly recommend Dr. Anna Bell-Hibbs and Dr. Jacob Calvert

5.) Stock your fridge with healthier foods. 

You’ll need to start making nutritious food choices now so that you will be getting all of the nutrients you need for a healthy pregnancy. You should try to eat at least 2 cups of fruit and 2 1/2 cups of vegetables every day, as well as high calcium and protein-rich foods.

Just know that these tips won’t guarantee that you will become pregnant. If you have fertility issues, you need to seek medical advice from a practitioner. I wish everyone success who is looking to become pregnant. It is no easy task, especially if you’re desperately trying to conceive.

Once you’ve done these things, you will want to start tracking your ovulation so you know the best time to try and conceive

Grab SmileReader Ovulation Test Kits so you can take the guesswork out of trying to conceive. SmileReader aims to be a strong supporter during the process of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. The SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit includes ovulation and pregnancy test strips and can be used together with the SmileReader app to aid you in conception. I loved being able to track my ovulation cycle so that I knew when I was most fertile. It really didn’t take too long to conceive my babies, but it was a downer every month when it didn’t work. You literally have a 25% chance of getting pregnant each month, which isn’t high odds, so figuring out when you’re ovulating is a BIG BIG help.


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One of my favorite parts of the app is that it allows you to look at a chart of your results that also estimates when your next expected period is. When you take an ovulation test and upload your results to the app via a picture they are seamlessly added so you can help increase your odds of getting pregnant.

Use the test kit to predict ovulation using the following instructions

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  1. Candy
    / 10:45 AM

    I am past the age of childbearing. In grandma stage. Hope this helps those out there trying to start their family.

  2. Angelic Sinova
    / 11:34 AM

    These are definitely important things to take into consideration if you’re trying to conceive. I’m quite a way from that stage/point in my life but it’s never to early to start doing research on these kinds of things.

  3. / 12:28 PM

    Quit drinking, smoking, doing drugs are all necessary when it comes to conceiving. I remember my wife taking pre-natal vitamins when she was pregnant with our daughter. Definite things to consider when you’re planning to have a baby. Great post!

  4. / 1:22 PM

    These are great tips, especially for new moms! Health and wellness is super important when you’re trying to conceive.

  5. / 2:15 PM

    These sound like some really important tips to get you started on your journey to conceiving.

  6. / 7:04 PM

    Thanks for this blog. It’s hard it is to deal with a loss. I’ll share these tips with my sister.

  7. / 7:41 PM

    We were married four years before we started trying to expand our family. Ended up taking us four more years before we were able to have a baby. Where did those 8 years go?! I understand your frustration. Suddenly I was an older dad than I ever thought I’d be. But everything is good! Sorry for your loss and good luck when you and your husband decide it is time to try again.

  8. Ali Rost
    / 9:02 PM

    I’m so very sorry about your miscarriage and can’t imagine how tough that must have been for you. As for the tips .. I’m glad you mentioned about folate. It’s such an important one .. especially in the first month or so .. when a lot of women don’t even know they’re pregnant yet.

  9. / 4:43 AM

    Sorry for your loss. These are great tips, especially as you try to conceive. Finding health and wellness is super important especially when you are trying to conceive and you definitely have to make the changes early to be ready.

  10. / 1:22 PM

    Such wonderful advice! Taking care of yourself and getting as healthy as you can before pregnancy is a good place to start for sure! Not many people do this unfortunately. A healthier you can mean a healthier pregnancy and baby!
    Joely Smith recently posted…Mom Is Our Hero Mother’s Day Gift GuideMy Profile

  11. / 6:19 AM

    These are really sensible and practical tips. The most important one is of course to eat and drink healthy as what we take in determines our health and ensures that there are no complications later.

  12. Rebecca Swenor
    / 2:21 PM

    This is awesome information and products for those trying to conceive. Preparing ahead of time along with eating healthier is great advice for those trying to conceive If I haven’t told you yet I will tell you know “Sorry for your lose”. Thanks for sharing the information.

  13. Emma Spellman
    / 8:29 PM

    I hope your next pregnancy is easier. I suffered a miscarriage as well and it has been 5 years and I still think about it. Always trying to think if it was something I did wrong, but everyone says it just happens nothing I did caused it.

  14. / 8:49 PM

    I’m so sorry for your loss. No one should ever have to go through that. I think these are great tips. It is very important to keep your vitamin levels high before pregnancy because once the baby burrows in they will starts sucking it right up.
    Amanda Kee recently posted…Spinach and Chicken Pesto Salad + GiveawayMy Profile

  15. rika
    / 10:56 PM

    Very great recommendations. I started taking my prenatal vitamin about 6 months prior pregnancy… very useful!

  16. Terri Beavers
    / 9:24 AM

    I will send this post to my daughter. They’re trying to conceive. I don’t think she realizes she needs to start taking folate immediately.

  17. Marilyn
    / 1:44 PM

    Great info and explaining the why’s. Many don’t take these things into consideration before they get pregnant.

  18. / 8:42 PM

    These are all important things to take into consideration. All the best to the women out there trying to conceive, I am 100% sure these great tips will be of help.

  19. Shara
    / 8:35 AM

    I would like to share my success story to every woman out there trying to conceive, My husband and I have been trying to have a child since we got married June 2013 and nothing happen so i was online searching for a solution when i come across a comment of a lady talking about Mallam Abudu Root and herbs that she use and she got pregnant with it so decided to give a try to Mallam Abudu herbal Medicine product for one month and i got a positive result i became pregnant .Our son is now 10 months old and we are so blessed! We thank God everyday for our precious gift.I will definitely recommend Mallam Abudu native to anyone who is also searching for a solution to Contact him .( mallamabuduspiritualhome@gmail.com ) .Please continue with your good work to make more couples happy

  20. / 6:40 AM

    Got to know a lot from this!
    Everything was so relatable.
    Thank you for sharing!

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