Eagle Creek Oregon Backpacking Trip

Eagle Creek Oregon Backpacking Trip

I have been on a few backpacking hikes with my husband, but this was the longest and toughest one for me.  I was at my heaviest weight and super out of shape when we did Eagle Creek back in 2011. I dunno if I would currently try it with a kid since there are some dangerous spots on the trail, but it was beautiful.

Pretty much the start of Eagle Creek

I was always lagging behind. My chest felt tight, my breathing was horrendous, I just couldn’t catch my breath and had to stop numerous times which meant I was left trailing behind most of the way with our group.

Top View of Punch Bowl Falls


punch bowl falls below

Most people just hike to Tunnel Falls, but we went the entire 7.5 miles the first day to the last camp spot on the trail before you end up on the steep hike to Wahtum Lake.

Tunnel Falls

Tunnel Falls

There are so many falls on this hike. You’ll be awed by the beauty of nature. It’s such a breathtaking thing to see and experience. I love the PNW and all of its magnificent trails, rivers, lakes, mountains, and waterfalls.


Twister Falls Eagle Creek

Twister Falls

I ended up falling once crossing a stream and couldn’t get back up because of the weight of the backpack. And since the others were ahead of me, no one was there to help. Thankfully a friend of ours turned around and got me back up on my feet. I could have taken the backpack off, but then I wouldn’t have been able to get it back on properly. It’s always important to watch out for the members of your hiking group. You never know when a person may become stuck, injured or what have you. My husband looked back often but was too busy jibber jabbering that time to notice anything.

This place is pretty busy most weekends, so someone would have caught up to me and helped if no one came back.

There are some pretty dangerous spots on this hike with wet, sharp rocks and narrow paths so you need to make sure you’re cautious, have appropriate footing, and hold onto the cables.

Eagle Creek Oregon

Eagle Creek OregonI was glad once we got to the 7.5-mile camp. I was dead tired and sore from the god awful backpack I had to borrow from my husband’s friend since this was my first hike and I didn’t have gear yet. Proper and comfortable gear is a must when you’re carrying 30+lbs on your shoulders/hips!! Thankfully I have the Gregory Deva 70 pack now which is amazing!

7.5-mile camp spot (our backpacking tent)

7.5-mile camp spot

We decided we should walk back to the 4.5-mile camp spot the next day and stay there for the night so that we’re not doing the 7.5 miles all in one day again on our last day.

But that first night was kind of creepy.

I’d say an hour after we got in the tent and were just about to doze off, I heard someone that didn’t sound like anyone from our group (which by the way was in their tents sleeping as well) say hello. I immediately asked my husband if that was him but he was in la la land and said: “Huh, no it wasn’t me.” My husband said hello back and we didn’t get a reply. He said it sounded like it was right outside of our tent, which it did, so I was scared, to say the least, and was happy to go to the other campground the next day.

4.5-mile camp spot

I always love the last day because that means no inclines, it’s all downhill from here! Baha

Downhill is my friend, but my husband hates it cause it’s horrible on the knees.

Have you been on any hikes that are forever memorable to you?



  1. robin rue
    / 3:32 AM

    That sounds like quite an adventure. I can’t even imagine seeing those waterfalls – they are GORGEOUS!!

  2. / 5:54 AM

    This is beautiful! I agree that you need to watch out for the other members of your group! Too many dangerous things can happen. I’m sorry you fell πŸ™ I am not a camping girl, but this scenery is beautiful.
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  3. / 9:51 AM

    These pictures are beautiful! I would love to take a backpacking trip like this. I love anything active.

  4. Jenn @ EngineerMommy
    / 4:10 PM

    I have done a lot of backpacking when I was younger. I would love to do this again with my kids and husband.

  5. Pam
    / 5:07 PM

    Wow, so scary that you heard someone say hello right outside your tent. I would have not slept that night.

  6. / 6:54 PM

    This looks beautiful. I bet it was even nicer in person. I have never been to Oregon, but know a few people that live there. We have similar places here in Michigan. I just don’t get out to them as often as I’d like.

  7. / 7:12 PM

    Wow! This place looks awesome! I think it’s okay to stop once in a while to appreciate the view.

  8. / 7:41 PM

    Your pictures are amazing! I love camping and hiking, but I could never do something like this. 1) I’d probably die before I made it to a camp spot ha ha and 2) I think I would be too afraid to camp that far out in the wilderness! Safety in numbers, at least, as far as your group?

  9. / 1:04 AM

    OMG the trail looks so scary yet so beautiful. I’ve never been to Oregon but I’ve had it on my bucket list for a while now.

  10. My Teen Guide
    / 1:51 AM

    Oregon is such a beautiful state! I visited once, and I would love to go back. Eagle creek looks stunning. I have to see it the next time I am in Oregon.

  11. / 3:50 AM

    What beautiful waterfalls. I never been backpacking before seems like an interesting experience I might do once in my lifetime.

  12. / 7:38 AM

    Now that looks like the hiking trip of a life time. Those waterfalls are absolutely stunning. I just wish that there was a comfy bed to sleep in after a long hike!

  13. / 5:05 AM

    I’m currently 8 months pregnant, so any hike is a tough one for me. That’s some absolutely stunning scenery, however, and well worth the trip.

  14. Fits Slow Cooker Queen
    / 10:57 AM

    These are some beautiful photographs. It looks like you had so much fun!

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