Transitioning: No More Sleeping in Mommy and Daddys Bed

If I had it my way, I’d still cosleep, but since daddy keeps complaining and friends and family make comments about how I need to get her out of our bed or it’ll only get harder, I figured I’d give transitioning a try with our 15 month old. 

Since she’s too tall for her crib, I decided to order these foam bed bumpers for our old queen bed that’s currently in our daughter’s room.
They came all rolled up like a sleeping bag in a box. I unrolled them and let them expand to their intended shape for a couple of hours.

After they fluffed up, I stuck them under the sheets and showed her her new bed.

She loved the security feeling of the added bumpers. She was so excited and happy to be on her new bed.

So 9pm rolls around and I breastfed her in her room, but she was too amped up to sleep and wouldn’t settle down until around 11:30 which I then had to give the feeding another try. This time she was tired and decided to stop fighting it, so after she passed out, I put her in her bed and I quietly turned on the baby monitor and went to bed in my own bed with my husband.

I was too worried to sleep though, not knowing if these bumpers would actually work since she often wakes up every 2 hours with us and sits up and falls back asleep in a random position and spot on the bed. I figured she’d sit up, and then plop over the side and onto the floor. luckily it isn’t a huge fall since we don’t have the box spring and mattress on a frame ATM, but still.

I’m waking up every 30 minutes to an hour and glancing over at the baby monitor and she’ll be in a different position a couple times, but she did not fully wake or make one peep until morning, and I had the monitor on full blast so I could hear the slightest sounds over our AC.

I was amazed, because she had constantly been waking me up every 2-6 hours to breastfeed since birth besides the occasional few times of sleeping through the night.


Getting her into her own bed to sleep was not difficult, as every kid and situation is different. The difficult task for us is going to be weaning, which I’ll try to do around the age of 2 since she’s showing no signs of giving it up yet.

Either way, this is what works for us and has been successful the past 4 nights. I’m thankful it’s been easy, now I can catch up on some much needed sleep!

When did you transition your child to their own bed?

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17 comments on “Transitioning: No More Sleeping in Mommy and Daddys Bed

  1. I recently did a segment on life hacks on my local news and I am happy to report that using a pool noodle as a bumper is a great way to help a kid transition to a big bed. Worked for my two boys with zero issues!

  2. These are great tips! I was pretty lucky. My kids spent most time in their own beds! My DD4 has recently taken to sleeping in my bed to fall asleep then transfer to her own bed! I love the snuggling!

  3. These are great tips for making the transition. My kids did not want to go into their own beds. It took us months.

  4. My kids never slept in bed with me but my daughter let her son for a few months. She really got a lot of criticism for it too which was annoying since it was what she felt was best for her and the baby.

  5. My first son who is now four only slept with us if he woke up in the middle of the night or if we had to be somewhere early to be and needed him to settle down. My second son who is now 2 had only been in our bed when he has been sick or not feeling well. He has just always been fine sleeping on his own.

  6. Bumpers are a great idea. Our boys all went into big boy beds pretty smoothly, but the youngest is a very active sleeper, we had to build side rails on his bed to keep him in.

  7. I’m glad to hear your transition is going smoothly. I could never cosleep. I didn’t get good sleep. But I know it is helpful for some, just difficult to transition when they need to grow out of it.

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