Bring Your Child’s Dried Out Play-Doh Back to Life With This Hack

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We love playing with play-doh at our home. But, sometimes my daughter doesn’t want to put it up right away or gets sidetracked with something else and then it completely dries out and gets crumbly after we both forget about it and it sits out too long. Well, instead of tossing it and buying more every time, bring your child’s dried out play-doh back to life! Unfortunately, I don’t have a miracle hack for the poop brown colored play-doh that you see here that happens when your child blends all the colors together after you tell them a million times not to. But if you’re experiencing dry play-doh, try this simple hack.

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Benefits of Saving Your Child’s Cord Blood

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You’re about to be a parent to that cute little bundle of joy whose about to be your number one responsibility. There are so many things to do, so many things to research and you may be slightly overwhelmed. I get it, I really do. And if you made it here, you’re probably curious about Cord Blood Banking? I never really heard much about it when I had my first, otherwise, I probably would have opted to do it. Now that I am pregnant for the third time, I most likely will since there are so many potential benefits and it would bring me peace of mind.


What exactly is cord blood banking?

Cord blood banking is the process of collecting and storing your baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells for potential medical use. You can either donate it to a public bank where your baby’s cord blood is available for anyone who may need it. Or, you can use a family bank like Cord Blood Registry (CBR), where you can preserve your baby’s stem cells for potential future family use. Cord blood collection is a painless procedure for mother and baby since it only involves extracting the blood from the umbilical cord once it has been clamped and cut.

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The Thing 1-in-3 Families Need
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My baby shower with my family is coming up at the end of the month, and one must have essential that I always put on my registry is a variety of sizes of diapers. They’re always needed and can get pretty expensive over the years. Plus, diapers and wipes are really the only baby things we actually need since we kept all of our previous baby necessities from our firstborn.

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What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag for Labor and Delivery

In about 7 weeks, we’ll be meeting our 2nd baby girl, which means I need to start thinking about what I need and don’t need for my labor and delivery hospital stay. Most people recommend a ton of useless things, but just remember, most of us will only be there 1 or 2 days so you don’t need to bring your whole house with you. But before we get into what you need to bring, let’s go over some things that your hospital may provide.

The items Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital provided to Me:

Mesh underwear: These things saved my panties from being ruined since you will be bleeding heavily and leaking. They gave me as many as I needed.

Hospital gown: I just stayed in these my entire stay because I kept leaking on them. If you’re not comfortable in the hospital gown, then bring something you’d like to lounge around in. I didn’t feel the need to ruin another clothing item that I’d have to have my husband take home to wash right away.

Non-skid socks: If you don’t have any of these, they make you wear theirs so that you don’t accidentally slip and fall. Liability reasons.

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Did you know that OREO has a special flavored candy bar made with crunchy bits of OREO + mint creme filling + rich Milka chocolate candy? YUM! These OREO Mint Chocolate Candy Bars have delicious bits of OREO Cookie mixed in smooth, mint flavored creme filling and are coated in European Milka chocolate candy. You will want to be sure to stop by Walmart and pick a few of these OREO Chocolate King Size Bars while they are on Rollback for only $1!

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