How to Help Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

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Did you know that 32% of pregnant women experience pelvic girdle pain, otherwise known as symphysis pubis dysfunction? I didn’t even know such a thing existed until I was pregnant with my first daughter, and lucky me, I am experiencing it this time around too, only it came on quite a bit sooner than last time.

At 28 weeks, the excruciating pain from sudden movements, rolling over in bed, or even getting out of the car started. Anytime you have to spread your legs to move, you will feel this pain, and it is not pleasant, especially when you’re in bed sleeping and you’re already uncomfortable from the pressure of everything that’s going on in your growing belly.

Ohhh….. 3rd trimester, where you’re happy the end is almost near and you get to hold your adorable bundle of joy that you endured all the unpleasantries of pregnancy and birth for. LOL

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Why Probiotics Are Essential in Pregnancy and Infancy!



Did you know that the first 6 months of a babies life is the crucial time for implementing good digestive health?

I won’t lie, I currently have to take an iron supplement because I am anemic which messes up the digestive system. Constipation from the overload of iron is unreal, which is why I take probiotics while pregnant. But did you know that probiotics can be passed onto the baby in the womb too? I HIGHLY recommend that ALL pregnant women take not only probiotics while pregnant but digestive enzymes as well, and continue to take them while nursing. They play a huge part in having a healthy baby!

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DIY All Natural Cleaning Spray For Any Surface

The one thing that irks me is that some companies get away with not listing ALL or ANY of the ingredients on their products ingredients label because the FDA doesn’t require it. Why? Who knows. That’s why I don’t trust the FDA or much of anything from our government. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good or bad, but it does make you wonder why they don’t want to list them in the first place, especially when you’re dealing with chemicals that you’re breathing in and possibly touching with your skin. Because of this, I decided I was going make my own all natural cleaning spray.

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Make Washing Laundry Easier With the LG Twin Wash System


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Last month, our dishwasher decided to kick buckets and stop running. That was okay because I loathed it anyways since it didn’t clean our dishes well enough to my liking. So we went out to find a better one at Best Buy since we’re Elite Plus card members. We ended up deciding on the LG top control dishwasher with Quadwash since it had the option of black stainless steel as a finish and had good reviews. So far it’s been GREAT! Takes a little longer to clean and dry the dishes but it’s an easy trade-off for me to have perfectly clean dishes without having to scrub them all beforehand.

Then a week after we bought our dishwasher, the washer decided to stop draining water and quit running after 5 minutes. We thought we could fix it on our own by ordering a couple of parts, but it still didn’t want to work correctly, so we were off to Best Buy again! We ended up picking out a Samsung washer, but I wish we would have waited and done this special offer with Best Buy for the LG Twin Wash System, but unfortunately, we needed a washer right away!

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6 Natural Remedies to Help With Morning Sickness


For all 3 pregnancies, I’ve experienced nausea which usually lasts until around 16 weeks; at least for me anyways. And we all know nausea is not ideal. I honestly would rather throw up and get it over with than to feel sick all day taking care of a toddler. But, trying to find natural remedies to help with morning sickness is no small feat since sometimes there’s just no easy cure-all for everyone.


Here are 6 natural remedies to help with morning sickness or what I like to call “all day sickness”

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