Life is Precious: Get Out & Make Memories


After the miserable week I’ve had, we needed to find something fun to do as a family this past weekend. So we planned an outing to the Portland, Oregon Zoo for the Zoo Lights that they put on every year during the holidays. It was neat, but the rain and cold made for unhappy kids. And, if you’re from the PNW area, then you know exactly what I am talking about. This is why we had to get hot cocoa to warm our bellies while there!


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Walmart Makes Planning a Party for the Holidays Easier!


The holidays are a stressful time of year for just about everyone. Anytime someone comes over, I always want to make sure my house is looking presentable, but sometimes I don’t have enough time to run to the store to pick up the household essentials, so I save a little time by ordering from and selecting store pick up and/or ship to home. Now that the holidays are here… traffic is insane, lines are long, and I just want to avoid the chaos of it all!

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Get in The Giving Spirit This Holiday Season #SealsForGood

Things going on in my personal life have me battling with health-conscious choices; like eating better for you foods, using natural products and overall, live a healthier lifestyle. At Real California Milk, they believe in real food made by real families. All you have to do is simply look for the seal to ensure quality! When you see their seals, you’ll feel good knowing that the product is certified as having been made with 100% Real California Milk from Real California Dairy families.


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The Best Fall Sandwich: Turkey & Cranberry Grilled Cheese!

I’m a big sandwich eater come lunch time, which makes coming up with something new and tasty an absolute must to satisfy these taste buds!

I decided to try (not sure why I hadn’t before) a turkey and cranberry grilled cheese sandwich using Joan of Arc’s tasty goat cheese. I had a weird craving for Thanksgiving dinner even though it’s not here yet for another couple of weeks, and this did just the trick!


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5 Tips When Visiting SeaWorld in San Diego, California

SeaWorld®  San Diego provided Mom Life in PNW with two complimentary tickets for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

We had a lot of things planned for our trip to San Diego, but SeaWorld®  was our first adventure! Seeing my daughters face light up as we walk up to SeaWorld is one of the reasons I get joy from being a parent.

The first thing we did when we entered the park, grabbed a map. It has all sorts of useful info on them, like times for the dolphin, orcas and sea lions shows and directions around the park since it’s pretty big! Our first stop after we strolled around the park was the dolphin habitat area.

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How to Make Potty Training Fun With Costco & Huggies Plus

Now, this isn’t an I know all things about potty training post because I am still in the process of trying to get my 2.5-year-old potty trained. She’s the size of a 4-year-old and I know the looks I get in public places when they see her in a diaper still are because she’s not wearing underwear. Little do they know, she’s big for her age. But that’s beside the point.

For about a couple months now, my daughter has been letting me know she’s pooped and/or peed and wants to be changed. She actually started sitting on the potty around the age of 2 and did pee in it once, but she hasn’t since. It could be because I kind of squealed and sat her down on her potty and maybe that frightened her, I dunno? Our real toilet is also very loud when flushed; It sounds like a jet engine, no joke.

But, How do you Make Potty Training Fun?

First, go pick up some Huggies Pull-Ups Plus from Costco.

You can save $7.00 on them right now through October 22. (if you’re still using diapers, you can save $8.50 on Huggies Plus Diapers too). I picked up the Pull-Ups Plus since they’re kind of like underwear and are easier for toddlers to slide on and off by themselves, especially if we’re not potty trained by the time our flight comes the 24th of this month. Those plane bathrooms are small enough without having to put a big toddler on the changing table, which I might add was too small when she was 7 months.

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A Tasty and Healthy Way To Stay Hydrated for Moms on the Go

welch's 100% juice with coconut water


Are you one of those people who gets tired of plain old’ water and needs something else to be able to get your recommended daily intake of fluids to stay hydrated? I get it. Sometimes water just doesn’t cut it!

One thing I love is coconut water. I actually drank it a bit back when I was breastfeeding since it helps with milk production. But, if you’re anything like one of my sister’s, the taste absolutely disgusts you. Well, now you can get the added health benefits without sacrificing your taste buds because Welch’s has 100% juice flavors with coconut water now! Talk about tasty and healthy!


Coconut Health Benefits:

Coconut water is found in young coconuts and is a good source of fiber, vitamin C, and several important minerals.

Coconut water contains antioxidants that protect cells from damaging free radicals.

Coconut water is effective at replenishing fluids and electrolytes after exercise. It is comparable to other sports beverages.

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DIY Teeth Whitening at Home: A Smile Brilliant Review

I was invited by Smile Brilliant to test out their teeth whitening product in exchange for my honest opinion. Please consult your dentist before using any products on your teeth.

Have you ever seen those annoying teeth whitening commercials where the girl with the supposed yellow teeth (already has exceptionally white teeth), but is complaining about yellowness with the napkin test? Yeah, I don’t get it either. They could, you know, at least have someone on there with actual yellow teeth so that we know their product is believable; like my teeth for instance.

I haven’t whitened my teeth the entire 35 years I’ve been alive and I figured now is a great time. I don’t smoke and never have, but I have drunk coffee for the past couple of years (having a kid will do that to you), and of course, I drink fruit juices and the occasional soda but nothing too out of the ordinary.

I never had the courage to try over the counter teeth whitening products because I heard the strips don’t work very well at getting all of the crevices of your teeth, so you’re stuck with yellowness between teeth, AND, they’re also expensive! Didn’t sound like my cup of tea.

Smile Brilliant is different though.

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Make Your Next Party a Hit with These Easy Party Tips

Everyone loves parties, but throwing them is another thing. To some, they can be fun, while others don’t know quite what to do. A professional party planner is willing to part with their pearls of wisdom so you can blow your friends and family out of the water with your next event.

The first question you are going to want to ask yourself is if you want to throw a themed party. Some popular theme ideas are south of the border, a 1920’s theme, or even a superhero costume party. It will make it easier to determine the decorations by your theme and food choices. Just keep it simple and easy whatever you do. Once you decide your theme, send out those cute little invites. You can do them through the mail, or email. You can also tease your guests with clues to your theme with the invites. Getting organized is going to be your best friend. You will not regret it. Lists can help you determine what you need to buy as far as decorations, food, party favors, etc. You can also write down who’s coming on a list, and then their response to your R.S.V.P.

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