Holiday Gift Guide for 4 Year Olds

Holiday Gift Guide for 4 Year Olds

A few hot items this year for kids in the preschool age bracket

This is just a general quick gift guide for 4-year-olds since my youngest is now 4. It will reflect the things she has been interested in and may not be what your children enjoy.


1. Cotton Candy Machine

One of the things my daughter has been asking for is one of these Cotton Candy Machines so we got one from Hawaiian Shaved Ice! It is so easy to use and clean up is a breeze. Makes the fluffiest cotton candy right in the comfort of your own home. We opened it up early so we can enjoy it during movie and game nights and the kids love it! Makes the perfect gift for the whole family.

2. Barbie Dream House Doll House

This we just purchased from Target since it was on my daughters wish list. We don’t really have the room for it since it’s huge but she’s never really had anything big enough for her Barbie’s to fit so we getting rid of things she no longer plays with to accommodate the Barbie Dreamhouse Doll House size!

3. Peppa Pig All Around Peppa’s Town Set with Adjustable Track

Peppa Pig is still popular over here. She saw this the other day on a commercial and said she wanted this Peppa Pig All Around Peppa’s Town Set with Adjustable Track, so I know it’s going to be a popular item amongst the preschool crowd.

4. Crayola Light Up Board for Drawing

Both my girls love to draw so this is a no brainer for us. They love using their imagination and creating endless possibilities. They’re quite good at it too! So if your kids love to draw get them this Crayola Light Up Board.


That’s it for now, I will continuously add more throughout the month.



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    We have a similar size Barbie house, it’s annoyingly big. And my daughter wanted access to it from every side so it sat in the middle of the playroom. Nowadays we leave it for our renters to play with.
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