About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog where I share my passions and family life. I am Jenny Tate, a 35-year-old wife, and mom who resides in Vancouver, Washington; a suburb of Portland, Oregon.

We enjoy being outdoors, whether it’s hiking, floating down the river or BBQing and relaxing in the backyard. There’s really no better place to be outside than the PNW since the drives to the mountains and the Columbia River Gorge are absolutely gorgeous!

We’re big into our Seahawks as well, so you’ll constantly see us cheering them on no matter what.

I guess you can also say I am sort of scrunchy. I am not even sure what that entails, but it’s what the crunchy moms call the ones who aren’t full on crunchy. I try my best to live a healthier, happier lifestyle, which is why you’ll see me promoting natural health and beauty products on the blog, most of which I make myself. So come on this journey with us and get a glimpse into my life of more than 155 characters.

The Blog:


I have been blogging ever since Live Journal was the popular spot to share your thoughts. A year or 2 later, I switched over to Blogger where I started my frugal/deal/coupon blog since I have a knack for savings! In 2016, I decided that the deal posts weren’t for me anymore since it wasn’t helping me reach my blogging goals, so I rebranded and became Mom Life in PNW where I focus on family life, travel, DIY, natural health, crafts and more.