Benefits of Outdoor Play: Get Out This Summer!

Benefits of Outdoor Play: Get Out This Summer!

With summer officially here, schools out and that means kids need some sort of stimulation; they crave to learn and explore. We love going to the community park with the nieces. They can run, jump, climb, explore, learn and be social all in one place.  A couple of my nieces don’t really have a yard at home and with it raining almost 9 months out of the year here in the PNW, they don’t get too much play time activity outside so they really enjoy it and so do we!


Nowadays kids just want to stay inside and play video games; my nieces included. We as adults need to set time limits and make them go outside and enjoy the outdoors. I remember always being outside playing with friends from school or neighbor kids and having a complete ball. I didn’t need electronics to entertain me. My friends and I would put on shows like singing and dancing and whatnot. Being outside allowed our imaginations to flow.

So what will you be doing this summer with the kiddos?

Check out the Benefits of Play at IPEMA’s Voice of Play Movement.


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  1. Mathieu Lebrun
    / 8:11 AM

    Maybe take them to a baseball game or two, and going to aquarium is a must. Thanks for posting!

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