Postpartum Incontinence: Oops, I Pee’d My Pants Again!

Postpartum Incontinence: Oops, I Pee’d My Pants Again!

This post is sponsored by Poise® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

No, I am not even joking.

As you know, if you read my other post and or see my Instagram photos, I just had my daughter 3 weeks ago. And when you have children, nothing ever goes back the same way it was before, and that includes your bladder control. I literally stood up in the hospital after giving birth, started to pee and didn’t even have the urge; it just all came pouring out at once and I felt so embarrassed since I didn’t think it was normal, but, it turns out that it really was normal. I later learned that having an epidural can make it drastically worse since you just feel numb in that area.

I knew after I got home that I would need my husband to run and grab me some Poise pads since they’re specifically for bladder leakage, and obviously I was having issues keeping that under control. It didn’t really start getting better until about 2 weeks postpartum. I finally feel like I have some control over my bladder again, but I am still using them because they not only help with the leakage issues but the lochia as well.

Did you know that 1 in 3 women experience light bladder leakage? Poise® helps you take control of bladder leaks by offering products designed to give you the comfort you want and the protection you need.

I ended up going through the pack he got me so quickly that I had to order more; this time online for the grocery pick-up option at Walmart since my husband is back at work and I have 2 kids now, one of which isn’t happy riding in the car seat, so getting there and back quickly was my top priority! I didn’t have to deal with a screaming baby in the store wanting to be held while shopping for the things we needed and didn’t have to tell my daughter no, that she couldn’t have any candy or a toy and completely avoided a meltdown altogether. Thank you, Walmart for having this quick and easy option for busy people and tired parents like myself. It really is a life and day saver to have this option and at no additional cost! And since it was my first time using the service, they ended up giving me a free little sample goodie bag. Woot!

Why I like Poise®

  1. 3-in-1 protection for dryness, comfort and odor control.

  2. They now have a ContourFit Design option that is softly curved in the middle, to fit your curves better than before.

  3. They’re wider in front and back for coverage and protection for heavier bladder leaks.

  4. Poise Pads are 10X drier than the leading period pad, which is perfect for maternity pads for women after birth who experience postpartum or heavier bladder leakage.

Helpful Postpartum Tip: I ended up pouring a little witch hazel and coconut oil on the pads and stuck them in the freezer for a little saving grace during those first 4 days when everything’s all sore and hurts to walk.

If you want to help get things back to “normal” down there; do some kegel exercises, which is what my doctor told me. I didn’t have much muscle control postpartum but every day it gets a little better. Keep at it and you’ll be on the right track to normalcy!

Check out Poise® Pads with ContourFIT Design on


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