Update: Pregnancy at 32 Weeks!

I officially have 2 months left until I birth this little peanut. It’s coming up so fast that I am kind of getting more nervous. I am not nervous to have her here with us, just nervous of the whole birthing process. My sister keeps freaking me out about how she’s freaking out about dealing with the pain again and this is her 3rd. = If birth is such a painful process, why are people crazy enough to keep doing it? LOL Just goes to show that we’re selfless when it comes to the miracle of new life.


I’ve already made the decision to get an epidural if I can’t handle the pain, but I am hoping I can deal with it without getting one. But after reading some birthing stories about the ring of fire, I don’t think I’ll be avoiding it. Jeez, I do not recommend Google searching birthing stories; it might just freak you out more like it did to me. Not all are horrendous or scary though and everyone’s situation is definitely not going to be the same, so take that into consideration if you decide to read up.

I’ve been so busy lately with house stuff, birthdays, baby showers that I haven’t had too much time to update this blog or do anything else really. We had to clean out the spare bedroom, get it painted, picked up a crib and dresser set that my husband’s cousin gave us and gave that a touch of white paint since it was chipped and marked up pretty good. It came out insanely cute. I also went with a mint greenish color for the walls, and a satin white finish to the running boards to make it pop and at first it looked scary, but once it was finished, it looked nice. I’m going to add some pink decor in there to hopefully girly it up a little bit more. Can’t wait to see the end result once everything is put together. I need to start working on washing and hanging the 3 garbage bag full of baby clothes my sister gave us. It seems never-ending. I have so much to do and so little time to do it in.

the walls are not that bright or green, don't worry.

the walls are not that bright or green, don’t worry.

Once the nursery is finished up, I’ll do a before and after photo.


I’ve been having cramps which I assume are just braxton hicks? I am not 100% sure but my doctor says it’s normal. And TMI, diarrhea. I guess it’s normal at the end stages of pregnancy since your body wants to clean itself out. I’ll have to ask my doc about that but from what I’ve read it’s normal. Other than that, I feel fine besides the random pains in my pelvic area and me running out of breath walking up the stairs in our house.

My husband says I’ve been snoring and keeping him awake. Another pregnancy related annoyance that he’s just going to have to deal with. LOL

I’ve gained about 18lbs now at 32 weeks, 2 days which is fine with me and sounds good with the doc. I imagine I’ll be gaining at least a lb every week from here on out. I am not worried about my weight at this point since it doesn’t seem like I am gaining at an alarming rate. I know people who’ve gained 50lbs+ with their pregnancies and I am just like how? I can’t eat at this end stage because my stomach is so smooshed that I feel constantly full. I am eating, don’t get me wrong, but not enough to warrant an abundant amount of weight gain. It’s kind of mind baffling, but I guess everyone’s bodies are different. As long as I have a healthy baby, that’s all that matters to me. Kind of curious how much she’ll weigh at birth since my sister has 6lb tiny babies, which will probably be my nephews weight too when he’s born in 4 days.

I guess that’s all for now. I’ll do an update on the DIY stuff I did for my sisters baby shower in another post.


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