5 Important facts about gestational diabetes that every aspiring mother must know

Pregnancy is blessing and most of the women aspire to be mother at some point of time in their lives. The pregnancy brings with it many changes in the woman’s body and some of these changes may be negative too. The change in hormones may be the main reason for these negative and positive transformations in the body and most of these changes are short-lived and would go away after the birth of the baby. The gestational diabetes is also one such condition observed by the pregnant ladies and is the form of diabetes.

About 4% of pregnant ladies experience this condition any time during their pregnancy tenure. This is the form of diabetes and quite common amongst the pregnant ladies worldwide. The testing for gestational diabetes can be done in the 28th week of pregnancy as this type of diabetes is usually detected during 24th to 28th week of pregnancy. Though this is the normal health issue experienced during pregnancy, the proper knowledge of the condition would protect you against many possible risks.

5 Important facts about gestational diabetes


The gestational diabetes can occur to anybody but there are certain factors that are more actively associated to this type of diabetes. The females conceiving after age of 25 and having weight above or below the normal weight range are at higher risk of developing this disease. Those having family history of diabetes may also be at higher risk. The gestational diabetes is usually found in mothers giving birth to the large babies.

Symptoms and Diagnosis
The excessive weight gain of the mother and the baby is the first symptom of the gestational diabetes. Other symptoms include recurring thirst and hunger, fatigue, frequent urination, vaginal infection, and other symptoms commonly associated with diabetes. The gestational diabetes is diagnosed through glucose tolerance test that is carried out during 24th to 28th week of pregnancy. The blood sugar is checked one hour after the glucose consumption and if the reports are not under prescribed limits then subsequent tests are carried out to confirm the condition.

Adverse Effects
The mothers having this condition may usually give birth to larger babies that may also weigh up to 10 pounds. These babies find difficulty in being delivered as they may get stuck in the birth canal due to their larger body structure. The blood glucose levels in such babies are low as higher insulin is produced by their pancreas. This will result in jaundice, low blood sugar, and other related problems. The obesity during the later life may also be found in such babies.

The treatment part is not that difficult as the sugar levels can be controlled by keeping the eating habits steady. The foods that are low on sugar and carbs may help. The expecting mothers suffering from gestational diabetes may keep the record of the blood sugar levels all the time and also record what they eat. This will minimize the risks for the baby and mother both.

Lifetime issues
This type of diabetes is related to pregnancy and generally goes away with pregnancy. The chances of developing Type 2 diabetes in future and gestational diabetes in subsequent pregnancies may increase due to this condition. Hence, enhanced eating habits are strictly recommended.

Your pregnancy can be the blessing of lifetime and little care in your routine habits may make this experience unforgettable.


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