Buttons Cloth Diaper Review

Buttons Cloth Diaper Review
What I like about Buttons Cloth Diapers is that they were created by a mom and dad team in the comfort of their own home. They know exactly what the ideal parents need and look for when it comes to their child’s derriere; comfort, stability, leak-free, efficient, etc.


buttons cloth diapers


The Buttons Cloth Diaper really doesn’t get too much easier than this. There is no messing around with prefolds; just snap the insert inside and you’re good to go. We had no problem with Aislin’s new “Sweet Pea” Buttons Cloth Diaper leaking anywhere, not even around the legs which feature double gussets. I must stress that double gussets is a must have when using cloth diapers if you want to not have to clean up any blow outs.


buttons cloth diaper review


We received 2 small day time inserts, 1 microfiber and 1 hemp/cotton, which are about 4 layers thick and have a soft fleece layering on top, which makes it ultra soft and non irritating against babies skin. I also ordered a 2 pack of small night time inserts that are about 6 layers thick, which means it’s absorbency is going to be out of this world. They do not contain the ultra soft fleece since its intended use is to be under the daytime insert. This will cause it to be super bulky on your little babe, but its better to be bulky than sorry at 3 am when you’re dead tired and have an ass-plosion to clean up everywhere.
The difference between microfiber and hemp is that the hemp is a real work-horse in the cloth diapering world. They’re super durable and absorbent. They soak up a lot of pee, which in turn makes the parents happy since you don’t have to do a diaper change every hour. Am I right? Microfiber is similar, but it doesn’t soak up the pee as well which may cause a rash if left on for too long.
buttons cloth diaper review


When I received this, my husband told me I could use the inserts as feminine pads for myself cause he thought they were huge. He apparently hasn’t seen many cloth diaper inserts.

buttons cloth diaper review

microfiber vs hemp/cloth


These covers sell for $11 and the inserts are $3.50 a piece which make these one of the most affordable cloth diapers for parents looking to save without sacrificing quality. Plus, you’re helping out fellow parents who own a small business.

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