Pregnancy Updates

Pregnancy Updates

Nothing new here to report on pregnancy since everything is going as smoothly as possible so far which I am thankful for. Can’t believe we’re almost down to only 14 weeks left. Time seems to be flying by. I’ll have to do another one Thursday when we hit 26 weeks.


My pelvic area will sometimes hurt though, but that’s normal I hear cause it’s beginning to open more to make way for baby. But, it does make for an uncomfortable sleep when you toss and turn and/or walk.

I am feeling intense itching on my legs of all places. Not sure if it’s because of winter dry skin or if it’s related to pregnancy, but it’s driving me bonkers! I feel like I have scabies or something. lol

Other than those minor nuisances, I’ve been okay though.

I finally got around to finishing up Dragon Age 2 and bought the 3rd when it was on sale for $39.99, so I’ll get to start that soon. I figure I might as well finish some games I’ve put off while I’m pregnant and can’t go out. I bought my Wii U, (free might I add) plus some games all just for participating in the Best Buy Wolf Program. I love it! Next thing I’ll be saving up for is a TV, or maybe a PS4 so I’ll have it when Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out at the end of the year. Although, I don’t see myself gaming too much with a new baby, so maybe I’ll just stick to the TV and make the hubby get the ps4. hah.

We have so many things to do before baby gets here, I have a feeling it’s all going to be put off till the last minute then we’ll be in a cram to get it done. I want to get the babies room painted a seafoam green color and decorate with seafoam green, pink and white. It will pretty much match the theme of my baby shower my friend is throwing me.


Can’t wait to get all of this started, but hopefully, first, our master bathroom will be worked on soon so that can be finished up. Unfortunately, hubby’s friend who is doing it hurt his leg so it’s put off a little longer but it should only take a week max. Hopefully, he heals quickly.



  1. / 6:23 PM

    Look how much your belly has popped! so cute!!

    Funny you mentioned Kingdom Hearts. We just bought the second one with the 3 on it type of thing. So we can start all over on all of them.

    We bought our new modem, flash drive, and that game with my last best buy thing – – think next we’ll save for a new laptop for Jason!

    Can’t wait for more baby update posts!
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    • jenn
      / 1:10 AM

      That’s awesome ang, hopefully we’ll both get chosen for more best buy opportunities. I love the kingdom hearts series. Im thinking about rebuying the ones for ps3 and playing them again, there’s a couple I havent played since it was exclusive to Japan.

      Thanks for the comment, I’ll try to keep this thing updated more.

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