Seahawks Are in the Playoffs and We’re Going AGAIN!

Today we’re heading up to Seattle to cheer on our Seattle Seahawks in the play off game against the Panthers. I know we got this game with how well we’ve been playing against teams that are way better. I was honestly shocked we were able to score Seahawks tickets again since it was giving us so much trouble finding any. I refreshed a few times, made sure to select the 300 level section since those ones seem to be the only ones available anyways and found 2! My husband couldn’t get through, so he’s lucky I made it home in time after my dental appointment. Although, technically it would have saved us $348 dollars if I were to miss it. They were definitely cheaper last year, but, I kind of expected them to raise the price after they won the Super Bowl.

This is an evening game on Saturday, so it’s going to be kind of cold (43 degrees) and more than likely rainy. I mean, after all, it is the pacific northwest. I just hope my prego butt stays semi warm and comfortable or I’m going to be all whiny. I also hope I don’t have to deal with drunk idiots like the last playoff game where people were cutting in front me in the bathroom line because they think they’re more entitled to get in there and out. If they make me piss my pants since I can’t hold it for long, I’ll be smacking some drunkies. Hopefully my husband will be standing with me to take care of any nonsense that should arise. Seems like every fan base has their idiot following, I just don’t want to deal with them, especially now that I’m all hormonal.

So if you’re not a Seahawks fan, I am sorry, but we got this in the bag. 😛


Let’s get our 2nd Super Bowl ring back to back boys!


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