I Love My Hawks

We’re back from Seattle after watching the Seahawks beat the Panther’s like it was nothing! When we got to the stadium of our section, we’re walking up the multiple stairs and realize hey, we’re at the very back of the stadium. hah. Didn’t realize our seats were so crappy, but that still didn’t stop us from enjoying the game.

#Seahawks playoff game

#Seahawks playoff game

We didn’t get drowned in a torrential downpour like last years playoff game where we ran into sideways rain and wind so that was awesome. You just never know what the weather is going to do since the weatherman are never correct. Was still about 42 degrees that evening but we were bundled up, so all was good. Just slightly cold.

I didn’t get a chance to do anything else like visit the pike place since I’ve never been there, but we didn’t really have too much time if we wanted to make it back to Vancouver at a decent time or the funds really after spending a crap ton just for the game and eating out. Maybe next time.

We were going to attempt to get tickets to the championship game, but apparently there were only 1200 available at Century Link box office only. No online or telephone orders at Ticketmaster. So dumb! If only we could get on the list for season tickets or blue pride, that would be amazing. But unfortunately there’s a many years’ wait list.

Onto the next boys, let’s shred some Packer cheese and do a Superbowl #repete!



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