Seahawks Are Going to the Superbowl

seahawks superbowl

Since we went to the Seahawks first play off game, we tried to get tickets to the playoff championship game but didn’t take into account that it would double in price because IT WAS THE championships. Plus, there weren’t any seats available for 2, so we said screw it as we didn’t feel like paying about $500 to sit in the nosebleeds anyways. Under $200 was fine, but anymore than that and it’s pushing it. It would have been a great game to be at since the 49ers are our rivals, but we got to enjoy it in the comfort of our own home with a few friends.

Last weeks game was fun, but it was during a storm, so I was cold, wet and irritated by drunk, annoying fans. You never realize how annoying drunk people are until you’re the sober one having to deal with their attention whore antics. I don’t get why people want to get drunk at a game so they don’t know what’s going on anyways. It’s fine to have a few beers but don’t get so blitzed that you’re annoying everyone around you.

During halftime, I had to go pee with the masses. I was standing in line talking to my husband and then these 2 old drunk bitches shove me and cut in line. I glared and said “OOOKAAAYYYY”. Then they were being loud and annoying wondering why people were giving them dirty looks. Hmm, I wonder.

Then at one point I hear this yodeling in the stands and I look over to see who it is since they’re doing it nonstop and it’s the same annoying ass drunk lady. It was fine there, but she had already pissed me off in the bathroom so anything coming out of her mouth makes me want to gouge my ears out. One of them was even a school teacher. (she went off on this weird story that I didn’t care to listen to but nodded to anyways) Needless to say, it makes me want to home school.

But the point is not that some fans are douche nozzles in any teams fan base, but that the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl and will win against the Broncos since this will be the first time that they play against a team that has a real defense (according to my husband). Like I pay attention to any other games that doesn’t involve the Seahawks.

And it’s time to move off from the Sherman is so classless media hype. It’s like beating a dead horse. You sensitive folk can whine about his words all you want, I just can’t wait until his audio gets released since he was mic’d up for the game, then all of you thin-skinned ninny’s can eat it.



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