The NFC Goes Through Us!

The NFC Goes Through Us!
My husband was able to score us Seahawks Playoff tickets somehow on December 31st at exactly 10 am. Every time I searched on my computer, it came up with 0 results so he tried it on his PC and miraculously we got seats. Not very good seats I might add, but I could care less since we’re in the playoffs! It’s going to be good either way. Then this last Saturday we got the news we would be playing my husbands other favorite team (His dad is from Louisiana). Now don’t me wrong, Seahawks will always trump the saints in this house, so no worries there fellow 12s.
We’re heading up to Seattle tonight to stay with friends since they have a house up there. Thank goodness for that or we’d be forking up a fortune for a hotel I’d imagine. 
I can’t wait to be with my fellow 12s in the city of Seattle who are the craziest, best fans in the world!

We got this.


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