My First Ultrasound at 10 weeks 5 days

I had my first ultrasound last week which was reassuring that this is real and is going to happen whether I am 100% ready or not! I am ready age-wise, but mentally I’ve been questioning it. I guess that’s normal with your first child, you’re scared, frightened that you won’t be the best parent, don’t know how you’ll be able to handle the transition from no kids to a baby in just a few months…. eeeerrr. I know we’ll do fine and it’s probably the hormones talking.

So the ultrasound went fine and I was able to see it actually moving around, which was cool. She measured it as well and its measuring a week bigger than what my conception date was. So either we’re going to have a big baby or it happened sooner than we thought. I guess only time will tell, my due date is around April 16, but I guess it can now be anywhere from Apr 9-16 give or take.

The image shot she gave me of the ultrasound is not a very good one, I wished she snapped it when it was moving its arms around and actually looked like a human and less like a blob, but anything is better than nothing I suppose. Baby is extremely healthy she says and is growing like a weed, guess that explains the constant nausea symptoms.



We don’t get to find out the gender until around Nov 27th, which is Thanksgiving so I wonder since we’re a week early if we’ll get to go in earlier to avoid the holiday or if we’ll have to wait til after. The waiting is the killer, but it will go by in no time. Both my husband and I are hoping for a boy since there’s nothing but girls in my family, but we’ll love whichever god gives us.

The awesome thing is, my sister is pregnant too and she finds out the sex on Oct 14. So we’re going to have babies pretty close, at least 5-6 weeks apart. Yay for close cousins!

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  1. / 10:17 AM

    SO excited for you and your sister. I think your fears are common, I think most women are various degrees of nervous when the time comes, but you’ll do great. Most of it is instinct and you figure out the rest as you go.
    I have my fingers crossed for a boy for ya 🙂 We’ve been trying unsuccessfully, so I hope to be joining you ladies in the mommy club very soon!
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    • Jenny
      / 1:31 PM

      Thanks Rose, I hope you’ll be joining us too! Good luck on your baby making. 😉

  2. / 1:13 PM

    I am so excited as well for you and your sister both! I too agree that your fears are perfectly natural and nothing to worry about. It’ll be exciting to find out what you are having. I think if I ever have a baby I don’t want to know until it comes out. Just my thought 😉 *hugs*
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    • Jenny
      / 1:32 PM

      Thanks Angie! The way I see it is, its a surprise either way, the 20 week is just a little bit earlier. lol Then you can have everything planned/sorted when baby comes. (I dislike gender neutral colors)

    • Jenny
      / 9:28 AM

      Thank you nightowlmama! She definitely helps me out when I am feeling weird symptoms or what not to/to eat cause this is her 3rd.

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