20 Sites to Test Free Products

20 sites to test free products

The whole point of this blog is because of my obsession with getting things for free. There’s no point in paying for products when companies let you test for free right? Right! So here’s a list of 20 sites where you can test free products too. Some of these I have gotten stuff from and some I have not worked with yet.

  1. Tomoson – Product Review site for Bloggers. You will need to have social networking accounts as well since there are requirements set from different advertisers. I have gotten my foot in the door of product testing with this site.
  2. BzzAgent – Fill out easy one page surveys and qualify for campaigns.
  3. Influenster – Receive random Vox Boxes if you qualify from the surveys they send out.
  4. MomSelect – In-home parties to test kid products
  5. House Party – Test products and have in-home parties.
  6. Swaggable – Add things you’d like to review to your profile and you may be picked
  7. PinchME – Get new samples to try out every 2 weeks
  8. Smiley360 – Free samples of various items
  9. Kraft First Taste – Try new Kraft food products
  10. Vogue Insiders – Try new beauty products
  11. Tide Team – Try new Tide products
  12. Pillsbury Mills Advisory Panel – Try new Pillsubry Products
  13. New Balance – You get to test out new shoes, but, this one requires you to send them back.  (Thanks MassholeMommy)
  14. Crum Creek – Indulge in Healthy Food
  15. All You Reality Checkers – Test products for women
  16. Nike Product Tester – Apply to test shoes and apparel
  17. Generation Mom – Test kid/baby toys
  18. Moms Meet – Test kid products with a group of your friends/family
  19. InStyle Trendsetter – Evaluate brand-new products!
  20. Marie Claire –  Exclusive access to special offers, insider events, sweepstakes, and more.

If you know of anymore that are missing from here, let me know in a comment below. Now let’s get our product testing on!

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19 comments on “20 Sites to Test Free Products

  1. Wow, thanks for this list, many I hadn’t even heard of like PinchMe and Generation Mom. can’t wait to sign up for some new places!

    1. Really? That sucks considering that’s the one I was hoping to be picked for. Thank you for the heads up, I’ll update the post to reflect this. 🙂

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