Backwoods Brewing Company in Carson, WA 

Backwoods Brewing Company in Carson, WA 

Have you ever taken a drive to the Gorge in either Washington or Oregon side? You’ll find this hidden gem in the small logging town of Carson, Wa.

We’ve actually been to Backwoods Brewery quite a few times since its opening in 2012. My husband is from Carson and that’s where most of his family resides, so we try to get up there as much as possible to visit. And since it is a small town, food options are kind of limited unless you drive a few minutes to Stevenson, WA. That is until Backwoods Brewery came along!

I love that they make their own dough and sauce for their delicious pizzas, and brew their own variety of beers. My husband dislikes IPAs which they seem to be fond of, but they do have quite a few good beers that aren’t IPA, like their blueberry wheat (seasonal draft) and the Ridge Run Stout.

Backwoods Brewery has a lodge/industrial type feel with wooden picnic tables and such. It only seems fitting with a name like Backwoods. There’s plenty of indoor seating and outdoor seating, which is great because this place gets busy most days of the week!

They also now allow dogs out on the patio where they provide a water bowl and a doggy biscuit. So if you just got done hiking with your dog and want a drink/bite to eat, Backwoods is the place to stop!

Sit outside on the patio and you get a great view of the background scenery. I feel like during the summer, they should have better canopies covering the patio area because we got blasted right in the face by the sun since it was the only table available, which was uncomfortable, to say the least. There was a couple who took a bigger table, which seemed overkill. I figured they could have moved to the smaller one that was also in the shade, but oh well, some people aren’t “nice.”

I am glad they are opening up their menu to other food options because when they first opened, it was limited to only pizza and salads which are understandable. I’ll have to try some of their other menu items, but our favorite is the Hungry Logger Pizza. Their salads are also delicious, especially the NW Fiesta salad!

So if you’re in the neighborhood or want to take a drive to the Gorge, I recommend checking out Backwoods Brewing Company!



  1. Candy
    / 10:10 AM

    Never had opportunity to visit this good looking place. Love all your photos. Pizza makes me hungry

  2. / 10:50 AM

    I love going to brewing companies. They always have such interesting beers and great food go along with it. I do not live in Washington going to the ever get up that way I will try this place.

  3. / 12:11 PM

    Pizza and beer go together hand in hand. What a tasty lunch! I had a bite of pizza last night and it was delicious.
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  4. Jelli
    / 1:50 PM

    Love the look of the patio and OH the PIZZA!! Looks fantastic. My cousin recently opened a brewery in Chattanooga, which I visited a couple of months ago. It was lovely, but missing the patio and pizza, for sure ;)!

  5. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen
    / 1:52 PM

    Backwoods Brewing looks like it would be a great place to sit and have some pizza and beer. Love the rustic setting, and the pizza and drinks look amazing.

  6. / 2:41 PM

    I don’t love beer – except grapefruit beer which tastes nothing like beer but I’d be all over these munchies!

  7. / 2:53 PM

    You had me at brewing company. I am a beer drinker and I love trying new beers. This place sounds like a great place to check out.

  8. / 7:17 PM

    What a freaking gorgeous place! I love the outdoorsy look plus, that pizza is calling my name.

  9. Pam
    / 8:11 PM

    This looks like a really cool place. I love the ambience of it, the wood is really pretty.

  10. Anosa
    / 9:04 AM

    I have only ever been to one brewery and it was a lovely experience especially when they provide food to go with the beer
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  11. / 9:20 AM

    That pizza make s me hungry! I have never been to any brewery or winery, I hope to do that someday.

  12. / 9:23 AM

    You had me at homemade pizza dough, sauce and blueberry wheat draft! what a gem of a place and I love those picnic tables it makes the place look so rustic.

  13. Hally Heart
    / 9:45 AM

    Oh, this seems like such a nice place to hang out and enjoy! I don’t like beer too much but I still would like to enjoy!

  14. / 9:51 AM

    Must add this to the roster when I am in town. What a beautiful place and the scenery has me wanting to spend an afternoon drinking beers there.

  15. Debra Hawkins
    / 12:37 PM

    I kind of love that they allow dogs on the patio! What a fun service for those that are out with their four legged friend!

  16. My Teen Guide
    / 10:07 AM

    My nephew lives in Washington. I have to ask him if he’s been to this place. I am pretty sure he did, because he loves hiking with his furry best friend. I love this Backwoods Brewing Company for its delicious looking pizza and for being pet-friendly too!

  17. / 11:38 AM

    Haven’t ventured to the PNW but it’s on my long list of places to visit. The restaurant looks like it has an awesome rustic vibe with those picnic tables. The food looks great!

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