Local Eats: The Heavy Metal Brewing Pizza Co & Taproom

Local Eats: The Heavy Metal Brewing Pizza Co & Taproom

I had heard about this place on facebook from some friends through my news feed, and then I got a Groupon email featuring this local spot, so I figured I would snag it and take a visit.

We arrived on a Friday evening and it was kind of busy, busy enough that most of the tables were being used. There isn’t a sign or anything saying to seat yourself, but that’s basically what you do.

They don’t have too many tables in here since it’s not a super big place, but we did end up getting a seat at one of the long wood picnic tables.

The place from what I recall used to be a convenience store. They still have some of the old coolers in place and they’ve filled it with craft beer and other non-alcohol beverages for the underage crowd. Yes, this place allows minors, which is one reason why I liked it and will most likely return.

You do have to go up to the counter to order your beer, cider, and food, but that’s pretty normal.

We ended up ordering the “a little ain’t enough” pizza, the spiced cider and then the beer flight that was from the Groupon deal. They pick out 4 beers of their choice to put on the flight and then the last 2 you get to choose. My husband said the whiskey beer was his fave, but I am not sure of the name since they didn’t have a list out on the tables, besides the one at the counter. I liked the red looking beer. It wasn’t so bitter and is perfect for those who aren’t big on beer, especially hoppy beer like myself.

The pizza was pretty good too! My 2-year-old daughter has been picky about her pizza lately (we usually get dominos or papa murphy’s which she stopped eating) and she actually ate this. I guess it was that good! I have heard they have their dough locally made and they cook it in a pizza oven so maybe that’s why it’s so tasty.

I had the spiced cider and omg, it was so delicious! I am not a big fan of dry ciders and this was so crisp and tasty. I really want to go back to have the cider and pizza again!



And it may be called The Heavy Metal Brewing Pizza Co but nothing is heavy metal in here, at least the day we came. They had some music videos and butt rock/classic rock playing on them but nothing heavy metal. Since we came on a Friday, they had a band setting up for an 8 pm live show. It ended up being a one-man show and he sang a lot of country music songs. I am only mentioning this for the people who think this place may be blaring with loud, screaming music. You can enjoy your food and beer/cider and listen to all varieties of tunes. My daughter loved the live music so much, she had to dance a little bit by us.

So for entertainment and food/beer wise, we shall return!




  1. Maile
    / 10:24 AM

    Thank u for coming in , hope u enjoyed most of ur visit . We enjoy having all ages because it’s what we support in the music industry. Heavy metal is our logo doesn’t mean we play heavy metal but u will be surprised when we do . We have so much more going on so keep in touch ,

    • Jenny
      / 5:54 PM

      We enjoyed our visit and can’t wait to come back in again! 🙂

  2. kelly reci
    / 5:42 PM

    heavy metal sounds interesting in a pizza corners! i would love to visit the place with my husband someday.

  3. Our Family World
    / 8:50 PM

    Looks like a great family place! I love how the pizza looks. It must be so good! I think your daughter approves too. Great to know that you were able to snag a deal for this place from Groupon!

  4. / 10:08 PM

    This sounds amazing! I love pizza and beer, and this would be a great place for my husband and me to go out on a date night. Everything looks so delicious!

  5. Neha Saini
    / 10:16 PM

    Sounds cool but not as attractive to turn the heads. If simplicity is the key, let it be there because the more crowded a place gets, the complex it becomes.

  6. Terri Beavers
    / 8:00 AM

    Oh my gosh, that pizza looks absolutely amazing. It’s so much fun to find local eats, especially when it’s brand new because I feel like a part of it.

  7. / 9:34 AM

    I love pizza. This looks like an amazing place to eat! I need to check it out when I am there.

  8. Rosey
    / 8:56 PM

    I love to find a good pizza place. Ours are all mediocre around here.

  9. Elizabeth O.
    / 11:44 PM

    I think this is awesome. It’s always nice to take the kids to places like this. They love pizza so much! This is why I love groupon because you can treat the kids without having to spend too much! I’m sure you had a great time.

  10. / 11:48 PM

    I would love to take my nephews here! It sounds like a cool place to treat the kids for lunch or dinner. And since my nephews are all grown up, I’m sure they’ll enjoy the beer too.

  11. / 7:42 AM

    That pizza looks delicious. This reminds me of our food adventure this weekend, we went to a local Italian pizzeria, it was awesome!

  12. Ron
    / 9:17 PM

    Sounds like an amazing place to visit. The food and the beer looks so great too. Love it!

  13. Alexandros
    / 3:44 AM

    WOW I love to eat pizza.. No matter where good pizza is baked i just want and crave for it.

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