My Baby Girl is 2 Today

My Baby Girl is 2 Today

Time flies by when you’re older, but even more so when you’re a mom.

I am so thankful for this little girl who’s helped brighten my days with her cheerfulness and quirks. Life would be dull without her, let’s just put it that way.

In the blink of an eye, she went from my chubby and cute, helpless baby to my sweet, cute, independent toddler who’s full of personality.

In celebration of her birth, I decided I would take her to a bakery or ice cream shop since she has a major sweet tooth like mom. Every day, she’ll be like “mommy, chocolate?” which is cute but kind of bad. I’ve got her hooked on chocolate peanut butter. I mean,  no one can resist that and if you can, well then, you’re a weirdo. LOL

I ended up meeting up with my mom and sister and had lunch at DQ. I declined the ice cream because well, we don’t want any of that soft serve nonsense! We want the good, real stuff from Ice Cream Renaissance in Downtown, Vancouver.

I selected the brownie sundae to share which was delicious of course.

Everyone says to be prepared for the “terrible two’s” but I feel like everything has been a joy so far. I enjoy watching her learn and pick up new words, seeing her recognize animals, shapes, and foods. She amazes me every day with how intelligent she is.

Random Facts at 2:

She thinks farts are funny like mommy.

She likes to hide, which consists of putting things over her face and saying “where’s Arya?” If I can’t see mommy and daddy, mommy and daddy can’t see me either!

She loves picking her boogies and handing them to me.

She loves her tablet, almost a little too much. My grandma was amazed at how well she can control it since she herself needs help turning hers on. LOL

She loves books and story time.

She loves singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Every morning I go into her room after I see her awake on the baby monitor, she says “Hi, Mommy!” first thing. Melts my heart.

She only wants mommy to lay in bed with her at bedtime.

She is a total mama’s girl.

Looks more like daddy with his blue eyes, but has mama’s hair color. Mine started out strawberry-blonde like hers and now it’s a bit darker.


Although I want her to slow down on growing, I can’t wait to see what this little lady becomes.

Happy Birthday my baby girl, mama loves you.



  1. / 2:38 PM

    So sweet! Savor every second. My baby girl turns 13 this summer and those carefree toddler days seem like a distant memory.

  2. Adaleta
    / 3:13 PM

    It is just crazy how fast time flies, she looks like such a little darling!

  3. Kelly Hutchinson
    / 3:54 PM

    What a little cutie pie! She sounds like a typical two year old. I remember farts and boogers were super funny!

  4. / 5:58 PM

    What a cutie! The years do fly by too quickly. 2 is such a fun age, the delight of so many new things and also a lot of firsts. Happy birthday to your little one!

  5. / 11:13 PM

    She is adorable. Happy Birthday to her. Kids grow too fast.

  6. Ann Bacciaglia
    / 7:02 AM

    Wow 2 already! She is so adorable. Happy Birthday little one. I hope you have a great day. The time really goes by so fast when they are growing up.

  7. Victoria Heckstall
    / 8:01 AM

    So cute! I would love to have another baby in my life. Baby is really a treasure.

  8. Terri Beavers
    / 12:19 PM

    Happy Birthday, cutie pie. This makes me miss my kids being small. And my grandkids. They grow up way to fast.

  9. / 6:08 PM

    What a cutie! Happy Birthday little one! Two is such a fun age!

  10. Emma Spellman
    / 9:00 PM

    Awww what a sweet post. She has a lot in common with my little guy Henry. Happy Birthday to your daughter! They do grow up crazy fast!

  11. / 10:21 AM

    What a cutie pie! I loved year two with my boys since they were able to express themselves better and you could really see their personality. Three wasn’t my favorite year so soak this one up!

  12. Shannon Gurnee
    / 2:06 PM

    Oh my gosh – so dang cute! It’s amazing how quickly they grow up. I just looked through pics with my kids from when they were younger. Take lots of pictures! 🙂

  13. krystal
    / 11:51 AM

    My little dude was JUSt two but somehow is starting kindergarten in the fall! What a change.

  14. / 7:22 AM

    Oh my goodness – absolutely adorable! It’s genuinely incredible how swiftly they blossom. I recently revisited old photos of my little ones when they were that age. Your little cutie is just heart-melting! I cherished the second year with my baby girl
    ; it’s when their personalities start to shine. As for the third year, it had its challenges, so make the most of this precious time. Capture countless memories with your camera!
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