First Boy in the Family Has Arrived!

My sister was induced last Wednesday and my nephew Braylon has arrived weighing in at 7lbs 14oz, which is about a 1lb bigger than her girls were. Unfortunately though, he’s been in the hospital ever since birth because his bilirubin count was extremely high, so it had the doctors worried during his first 24 hours of life. He’s been in the photo therapy light machine since, but apparently one day they left the top lights off for who knows how long so his levels raised again. He’s 6 days old now, so even though his levels are still what I’d say are high, he’s able to go home for the time being but is still being monitored with blood tests every day. His poor little foot has had enough damage from all the blood draws. I hope and pray that he gets better and that none of this is a cause for concern, but seeing photos of him in this machine is heart wrenching. Poor little fella!


I haven’t gotten a chance to see him in person yet since they live 3 hours away, but I am hoping I get to love on him soon. He needs it after being in this thing for so long.


My sister kind of eased my fears a little bit with her 3rd birth since she ended up getting the epidural for the first time ever. She said she doesn’t know why she never did it with the other 2, because it ended up bringing on great relief which helped with being able to push when the time came. Pitocin is not something you’ll want to endure long without an epidural I heard since it makes contractions 100 times worse. I am just hoping and praying that I do not have to be induced. I don’t want to have to deal with that kind of pain even for a second! She said she never tore either, but I imagine that’s because she’s already birthed twice. Either way, I am hoping that doesn’t happen to me either! LOL wishful thinking.

Here’s to hoping I have a kind and gentle labor and delivery…


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