DIY Paper Mobile for Nursery!

I of course didn’t come up with this myself, Pinterest had a little bit to do with it, okay A LOT to do with it. I was needing ideas to spruce up our nursery after de-cluttering it and getting it ready for baby girl and this DIY Paper Mobile caught my eye. I showed my sister and she of course wanted me to make her one in exchange for her making me a rag rug, so I did it in Oregon Duck colors like they wanted. *puke* not a college football fan, especially the Ducks since everyone and their grandma rides their coat tails around here.

So, I decided to borrow my sisters newly purchased Cricut Explore to do this tedious task. I didn’t realize how many circles I would need or how time consuming this would be. If I decide to start on one for baby girls room, I think I will do less because this one turned out long. I imagine it’s because I didn’t make the circles super close together to create a fuller look as you can see on the middle ring below.

diy paper mobile

In the instructions, the original poster used a giant hole punch. I figure to lessen the costs, I’d just set it to however big I wanted the circles on the Cricut and rinse and repeat. I made about 20 circles on an 11×8 stock card piece of paper in the colors I chose, and divided up the amount of circles for each string in the 4 different colors (dark green, regular green, yellow, light yellow). There were also images on the Cricut explore to make the paper mobile more football oriented so I selected the football and the duck feet which are both on the middle-inner ring to go with my Oregon Duck football theme.

Overall, I think it turned out cute, the most frustrating part was stringing all of the circles because I couldn’t get the sewing string to double knot in the same spot so it wouldn’t fall through after poking it with a needle. After a day or two of fiddling with that, I finally got it down and it made it go a lot faster.

For step by step instructions, please check out the original posters tutorial on the DIY Paper Mobile.

My final outcome.

diy paper mobile

 Sorry about the crappy photo, hopefully my sister will hang it up soon so I can have her take a better picture.


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