Great Educational and Fun Learning Apps for Preschoolers!

Need help with your preschooler/kindergartener in the learning department? I guarantee if you try these out, they’ll be breezing through class in no time. They’re all 3 fun and educational!


Update 3/10/15

I’m glad they added more free options, but I feel like $9.99 would be worth it to unlock everything completely since my niece loves playing around in it.

As the title says, my 3 year old niece thoroughly enjoys it! She loves singing along in the karaoke section and watching the dog be interactive. The farm cards are a nice surprise too! But, you get limited access to each book, so in order for your child to thoroughly enjoy what’s offered in the app, you’d have to pay $9.99 for full access.


Great learning tool for preschoolers

My little niece hasn’t entered preschool yet so this gives her a head start on being able to read and write letters and numbers. I love it! She loves tracing, which she then is able to remember and do it on actual paper. She feels so accomplished and smart with this app. I can’t say greater things about it.


The graphics are great and attention grabbing, which in turn makes the little ones want to play it. It’s the perfect app for those that need a little help steering their preschoolers in the right direction of basic learning. There’s even some fun songs to sing a long to!


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