Baby Girl is 7 Months Now

On the 19th, she turned 7 months. I was just looking at photos of her as a newborn and it’s amazing how much she’s changed and grown already.


I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be a mom and to this little girl.

We’ve truly created a great daughter.



She’s been a little more whiney lately if you don’t hold her but I feel like that’s my fault cause she always wants to be on the boob still and is just used to being next to me, or maybe it’s contributed to teething as well. Still no teeth yet.

She’s definitely more alert to sounds. She’ll be nursing and some jingle comes on the TV and she’ll whip her head back to see what’s on the TV and rips off my nipple while still sucking. All I can say is ouch. I’m going to have to turn the TV off while I feed so she’ll break that habit, but even if she hears dad or the cat, she does the same thing. Means I probably should take her to an isolated room but then I’m stuck there myself until she’s done nursing/ napping, because as soon as I put her down, she wakes up. Need to figure out a better method of transfering I guess.

She’s sitting up by herself now, which is great. She hasn’t really mastered crawling yet, but that’s okay, because I’m not ready for her to be mobile. Ha. I still need to baby proof ugh. And I want new carpet, but there’s just no funds for it right now. I need a money tree, but who doesn’t?

We’re feeding her some pureed baby food. Well, we have given her a little here and there since 4 months as recommended by pediatrician, but we’re giving her a lot more now. If dad had his way, she would strictly be consuming only breastmilk. She’s curious about food and wants some of what we’re eating, then you feel bad cause she can’t have it so I said it’s time. And she loves it of course!

Sleep has been good since the beginning.  Okay maybe not the first few weeks, but it’s been good since then. I get up once a night to feed her for 20 minutes, then we go back to sleep for however long she’ll allow. Usually we get in bed at 11pm (she still sleeps with us) and wakes up around 5:30 am and I’ll change her and feed her and we go back to sleep til 9:30-10:30am. So it’s been nice.

I know youre probably thinking get her out of your bed or you’ll have issues later on. I have her sleeping with us cause during the summer it was hot and our room is the only one that was cool because we have an ac in the window. Now that it’s not summer, the house gets cold if we don’t keep the heater on. My husband turns it off every night, and obviously if we keep it on, going to be a higher bill and if we dont, she’s going to be cold.

So that’s my Co sleeping dilemma. Right now it works and I like her being close to me.

How did you transition baby to own bed and was it a success?


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