10 and 11 month old update

I’ve been so busy with Etsy crafts and everyday life that I skipped past her 10 month.

Starting at 10 months and continuing on, she’s started walking around while holding onto things. She’s getting good at balancing herself without holding onto anything now at 11 months, so I imagine she’ll be walking by herself in no time. But, I’m still in no rush. I want my baby to stay a baby forever! 😛


She’s got quite the personality. I don’t know if terrible 2s start early or if it’s pretty normal for little ones to fuss and fight about putting clothes on and getting diapers changed. It’s a struggle everyday it seems. Hell, I’d just let her roam around naked, but I don’t feel like chasing her around with the carpet cleaner because she WILL poop and pee, and having to clean up the cat barf on the rug is bad enough.

She is a little sassy pants; already yelling at me when I take stuff away. I feel like I’m in for a rude awakening. Please tell me this is not what’s to come? Lol

We had a rough week a few weeks ago when she caught hands, foot and mouth disease from her cousins. Luckily, she didn’t get it very bad, but she was miserable for a couple days with a high fever. She didn’t want to eat, not even breastfeed which I now realize is because she was getting her 2 front teeth in at the same time as she caught the illness. Triple whammy, no bueno!


11 months today

She has been starting to say ma ma more now for the past couple of days. Mainly when she’s tired and or cranky. I seem to be the only one she wants, most likely because I have the boobs and dad doesn’t. So I get tired of not having much of a break to do me time. But I suck it up, because it’s all I can do. And if I do happen to get a break, it’s to do work on the blog, craft stuff for etsy/fb groups sells and whatnot. No relaxation for me is going to drive me bonkers, but surely it’ll get better… I hope, at least.

We even bought a ps4 a couple months ago and I haven’t even been able to play it once. When you have kids, there’s no time for video games, but husband knew I wanted one for when uncharted 4 came out, so he snagged it when he opened a Best Buy credit card.

Hopefully I get a chance to play. No play makes Jenn cranky.


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