My Baby Sister Graduated High School

To be honest, she is the first one in our immediate family to have graduated high school and receive her diploma the same day. I am proud of her, but I know she didn’t work as hard as I did when I was in school (class of 2000, damn I feel old). She went to the same high school I went to and from the sounds of it, they dumbed it down a little bit because their graduation rate was not so high after they implemented the senior project, which is to be done in front of faculty and some students and last 8-15 minutes long. They still do that, but instead of picking a topic you’re passionate about and doing some research, they basically just make you talk about yourself now. She also had a teacher that would pretty much do her homework for her, so even though she got her diploma, I don’t think she rightfully earned it. But, it was nice of a teacher to show some compassion with a struggling student who almost did not graduate.

We of course planned a graduation party for her for the following day, because after all, she did have her diploma and I suppose that’s all that really matters in the end. I went out and bought some decorations and so did my mother to get the party started. My mom pretty much made/supplied all the food. I did make a pasta, but I guess there was so much food that no one hardly touched anything. Drat!

My husband and I thought long and hard about a gift to get my sister and we ended up deciding on a laptop. Now it’s not no high end laptop that’s for gaming, and it wasn’t no cheapo piece of crap either. It’s normally around 499, but we got it on sale for $350 at Staples. I figure this would be nice for when she heads into college and needs a computer of her own to do homework on. She pretty much already knew what she was getting from us because I kept asking her if she wanted this, that, or a laptop, and she said laptop. So, she wasn’t too shocked when she opened the gift. We did take the laptop out of the box though, and stuck an empty Krispy Kreme doughnut box inside instead with some heavy magazines to make it seem like there was a laptop in it. She looked at me with an embarrassed face and I couldn’t stop laughing. But we eventually ended up giving her the real thing sealed in a pink laptop sleeve of course, since she’s spoiled ass rotten. Everyone was like you can come to my birthday and get me a laptop. Haaaaaaaa. People are funny. She did end up getting about $350 in cash and gift cards on top of our laptop, so I suppose a nice overhaul for doing a good job.

The next day, I get a message from my sister saying that my mom wanted my sister to give her money for throwing the graduation party. Who the fuck does that? Oh that’s right, my family, cause they’re all ridiculously greedy assholes. I was completely livid at that point and wanted to go straight to my mom and chew her ass out for even coming up with such asinine nonsense. But, my sister didn’t want to cause any drama for her, so I didn’t do anything. My mom apparently told her not to tell anyone and she didn’t want to get in trouble. But in trouble for what? And what are they going to do now that she is 18? Yeah, she was living under their roof, but she is not anymore. I still want to bring it up and be like WTF mom, that’s like me asking you for money to cover your own damn birthday party or gift. Next time, I might just do that. I have never once asked anyone for money for throwing them a party. I honestly believe I am from a different kind, because I do not act and I am not anything like these people. To top it off, she didn’t even get her a gift but an outfit she got on sale at the store she works for. Pretty damn sad really.

Then 2 weeks after the graduation party, my sister left her laptop on the couch so she could run outside and see a baby possum that her dog found and gnawed on, and the dog ended up jumping on the couch and sitting on the laptop. This is no small dog either, it’s a 75+ pound pitbull. She messages me again and says you’re going to be mad but the laptop is broken. I am just like WTF!!! Pissed because we spent so much money on it and to have it broken after 2 weeks was just ridiculous. Luckily its only the screen, but still, I am unsure why she decided to leave it just sitting on the couch when there’s a fat dog around and 2 toddlers as anything can happen! It’s going to cost about $60 to replace the screen, and I told her I am not paying for that, she’s going to have to. So whenever she gets a job and comes up with the money, then she can have it back, as for now, it’s sitting on my kitchen table so no more damage can be done to it.

Kids, can’t ever have nice things.


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  1. Andrea Loveless
    / 2:33 PM

    No. Dad wanted me to go look at a raccoon who was eatin the cats food outside nd wanted me to take a picture. I come back into the house to find daisy laying on the computer nd mom is juss sitting right there watchin t.v!

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