Big Family Vacation at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village

Big Family Vacation at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village

This year had been a little chaotic for everyone so we decided to take an end-of-the-year vacation with my immediate family. We were at first thinking we should just rent a big beach house, but the beach this time of the year in the PNW isn’t the most pleasant, so I suggested maybe going to the mountain so we could at least have some fun in the snow if we’re going to be “cold” anyways.

So I searched and actually stumbled upon Mt. Hood Tiny Village through Instagram and knew this is just the place that we all needed to stay at. We each booked our own tiny home, that way we could have our own space yet still visit in the center at the fire pit or in each other’s “tiny homes”.

These places were so cute and I knew I needed to claim the Ingrid before my family since it was spacious! When I research things, I do it fully and hard, so my family was mad that I selected that one, but hey, they did let me take charge. LOL

The Ingrid tiny home seemed about the same length as the Anderson, but it was roomier! One of the reasons for this is because it doesn’t have an enclosed bedroom downstairs. So if you’re considering booking a vacation at Mt. Hood Tiny Home Village, I highly recommend Ingrid if you want more storage and room to visit or for the kids to play! Has a full bathroom and 2 queen beds up the stairs.




The first day we got there, we basically unloaded the butt load of crap from the car and then chilled near the fire pit with some drinks.

The only thing that I was taken aback by was the sulfur water when I was washing my hands after using the restroom. I’ve never experienced anything like it but they explained it was normal. The first night was bad, but 2nd-day, the smell was barely there at all. So maybe it varies by how often the water is used.

We went the weekend of Dec 27th-29th and it was insanely busy. I am not sure if it’s that busy up there this time of year normally, or if this is because of COVID and some people still jobless. It was seriously insane. People sledding on the side of the highway, which is not safe at all. The roads were packed and it’s a good thing that there was no snow or ice or there probably would have been some wrecks. Every snow hill was packed too which is why we saw people on the side of the road. We did end up finding a couple of parking spots at the White River West Sno-Park so if you’re out of options, try there!


I do recommend bringing your favorite small pans because what they have probably won’t work for your needs. I did end up bringing my griddle because I knew bacon was not gonna work on their small 2 burner stoves for breakfast the next day. For dinner, we all went over to Anderson where there’s a big gas grill on the big deck with a picnic table since one of my sisters and her family was staying in that tiny home. Most of them do have some briquettes grills if needed.

The day we were packing up to head out, we ended up ordering breakfast from Dragonfly Cafe to take back to the tiny home so we didn’t have to deal with the extra cleanup. I had the eggs benedict which was good. Hubby is picky with food and said his omelet was alright and my siblings and mom had the biscuits and gravy and they didn’t care for it because of the drop style biscuits and the flavor of the gravy was off.

It was a fun time though, despite taking 14 kids between all of my siblings.

Anyone else stay at the Mt. Hood Tiny Homes before?





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    Your family vacation at Mt. Hood Tiny Village sounds like a memorable adventure! The Ingrid tiny home and the communal fire pit added to the cozy atmosphere. Thanks for sharing your candid experiences and insights – they’ll surely help others considering a similar getaway. ????️????❄️
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    “Sounds like a wonderful family vacation! The Mt. Hood Tiny Home Village seems like a unique and cozy getaway. Thanks for sharing your experience and tips, it’s helpful for anyone considering a trip there. Family memories are the best!”
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