My Favorite Holiday Memory… #NaBloPoMo

My absolute favorite Holiday memory would have to be always decorating the house during Christmas. Nothing brought me more joy then picking out our Christmas tree, applying the bright, colorful lights and bulbs, our stockings. Putting up fake snow on the table along with cutesy little Christmas style trinkets and snow globes, decorating the outside of the house in lights. Once I got older, I took over doing the outside since I enjoyed it that much.


But then I started dating my husband and now all of those are just mere memories since he doesn’t do Holidays. I participated in them for a few years even though it was against his religion, but now that I have gotten older and realize that for the most part, Christmas is too commercialized and doesn’t exactly mean what I thought it meant, so I stopped. I figured it will save me money in the long run anyways.

But, I am a little sad that I won’t get to share those memories with my new little one, but we have plenty of other things to do and make memories with.

What about you, what’s your favorite Holiday memory?

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