5 Bold Graphic Activewear Pieces That Will Elevate Your Fitness Wardrobe

5 Bold Graphic Activewear Pieces That Will Elevate Your Fitness Wardrobe

Active wear has become a necessity in everyone’s wardrobe, no matter how active you actually are. Clothes meant for exercise are stretchy and easy to move around in, so what is not to love? Some people practically live in active wear. They wear it before, during, and after they leave the gym. People love it so much they should invest in wholesale active wear, so they can fill their closets and never run out of their favorite black leggings.


Black leggings and sports bras are extremely common and most people have at least one pair in their drawers. However, if you want to expand your active wear outside of black nylon, there are so many options! Bold and colorful matching sets have become extremely popular in the past few years and brightly colored windbreakers have made a comeback. Check out these bold active wear pieces and outfits below for inspiration.

White Set

Matching sets are all the rage and show no signs of becoming less popular. Many sets are covered in bold prints and colors, but you can make a statement with an all-white set just like this one. The top is made from a nylon and cotton blend, making it slick enough to repel water and sweat. The matching legs are cropped and feature mesh openings for breath ability.


Eye Catching Zip Up

This zip up may just look like a black and white exercise top, but the florescent zipper makes it eye catching enough that cars can see you if you are outside in the early morning. This workout top made from spandex is perfectly form fitting and has holes for your thumbs, so that you always have full coverage. This is a great option if you want something bold that will still go with all of your black leggings.


Hounds tooth Set

Matching sets with bold patterns are the perfect idea if you want to easily throw something on, but still make a statement. Both pieces of this set are made from spandex and this top features boning down the front for a slimming look. Plus, you can wear each piece separately with a black or white top or bottom if you want to switch things up.


Patterned Exercise Dress

Exercise clothes are not limited to pants, shorts, and tops! Exercise dresses have made a comeback and not just for tennis class! These exercise dresses have spandex shorts attached underneath, so they are perfect for any occasion. They are made from a spandex blend and the straps are adjustable, so the piece works for a wide array of heights.


Sports Bra with a Fun Back

Sports bras are a staple in any exercise wardrobe. Some choose to wear them underneath other workout tops, but some sports bras are made to be worn as the main event. This sports bra top is made from a stretchy spandex and has a mesh peek-a-boo section in the back. The matching leggings are made from the same material and colors, so the wearer look put together. This criss cross back is fun, but looks incredibly durable for even your most strenuous exercise activities.


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