Swagbucks 6th Birthday Celebration: A Friend Won $600 to PayPal!

swagbucks 6th birthday

This just goes to show that it does pay off to use Swagbucks or any other search engine reward site or survey sites. /Cough, Bing Rewards. You do have to participate on these sites in order to get entries to win, but it’s nothing too in depth other than searching and winning or completing a few daily survey questions. If you’re active on the site, check your entries, you may be surprised at how many you have. My friend ModestMustard had 140 entries so that definitely helped his chances of winning that awesome $600 PayPal prize that they’re giving away to 10 winners. Three winners have already been announced, there are 7 more to go. Will it be YOU next?

I am a little bit jealous of his PayPal win, but I have had my share of prizes won, like a Nintendo Wii Bundle, Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle and so on and so forth. If you put forth the effort, you will be rewarded. Take it from ModestMustard and myself.

BTW: Thanks for being the best referral a person could have Jacob. You rock my friend! 😉 lol

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