Schools Out, Time to Play Outside This Summer!

School is officially out for the summer around here and the kiddos are running rampant… I kid, I kid.

Kids are always complaining they’re bored and need constant entertainment. Every time my nieces come over, they want to go to the neighborhood park and since I am all for outdoor play, I gladly take them.



One great thing about going to the neighborhood park is that they get to meet and mingle with other kids in the neighborhood. They don’t really have neighbors that have kids their age so they love to interact at the park and I love when they interact too; builds great social skills.

With today being the official first day of summer, we’re glad to be outside enjoying the nice 80 degree weather. How about you? How will you spend your first day of summer, hopefully doing something fun outside! #SummerTimePlay

Check out IPEMA’s Voice of Play for more information on the benefits of outside play.

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