1 Year Costco Gold Membership Comes With Free Batteries, Water Bottles, Rotisserie Chicken, Etc. For $55

If you aren’t already a member of Costco, there’s a deal over at Zulily for a 1 Year Costco Gold Membership for $55, which comes with freebies.

For $55, receive a new Costco Gold Star Membership along with coupons including a free rotisserie chicken, free 48-pack of batteries, free case of Kirkland Signature™ water and additional savings.
Become a new member of the club with this limited-time deal.

  • a free rotisserie chicken
  • a free pack of batteries
  • a free case of Kirkland Signature™ water
  • and more

We love Costco! Offering amazing pricing on thousands of favorite items, this membership warehouse club uses its collective buying power and passes the savings on to you. Get great deals on produce, clothes, sporting goods, home furnishings and so much more! Use this zulily deal to join the club and you’ll get some awesome bonus items that are perfect for having around the house. Whether it’s a quick chicken meal, an extra pack of batteries at a moment’s notice or a bottle of water for the road, Costco knows all about making life more convenient for families.

How does it work?
Take advantage of this limited-time offer and you’ll receive a membership activation certificate via email within three days after the event ends and coupons in the mail within 7-10 days.

And don’t forget the extras… 
In addition to your new membership card, you’ll receive coupons for three free items: a rotisserie chicken, a case of Kirkland Signature water, and a 48-pack of batteries, plus additional savings on a variety of products. Fantastic pricing, amazing service and great savings? It won’t be long before you’re saying you love Costco, too. 

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