A Movie That I Could Watch Over and Over Is

The Goonies… of course.
Hey, you Guu-uuuys! how could anyone not like the Goonies!?
I mean c’mon, it has Chunk who does a mean truffle shuffle.

I have it on both DVD and the Blu ray 25th Anniversary Edition and will probably get it on the next best thing when that comes out, cause you can never have too much of the Goonies.
I remember first watching it when I was about 10, and was instantly hooked on this crazy adventure these children had near a place that wasn’t so far from me. We didn’t do much traveling when I was younger, so I had to live vicariously through them every time I watched them on TV. But now that I’m older, I try to make a visit to Astoria, which is about 1 and half hours away every couple of years. I’ve never actually been up to the Goonies house since someone currently resides there and has the driveway pretty much blocked off, but you are allowed to walk up as long as you don’t go up on the property without permission.
About every 5 years, the Astoria community holds a Goonies reunion for die hard fans to have meet ‘n’ greets with their favorite stars from the film. Of course not everyone can show up, but in the past they’ve had Mikey (Sean Astin), Mouth (Corey Feldman) and a few other actors. I haven’t had a chance to make it to any of them so far, but I am hoping they hold one again in the next few years since their recent one was in 2010 for their 25th anniversary.
Boy would it be amazing to see Chunk to do the truffle shuffle. Although, he’s not so chunky anymore, drat!
Maybe I should bring him some Twinkies or ding dongs. I hear they’re back in business!

What’s your favorite movie?

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