Avoid Plastic Water Bottles and Live #BetterWithBrita

Brita longlast

This post is sponsored by Brita, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
Even though Earth Day has come and passed this year, I still try to make it a point to do something that makes our lives cleaner and ends up leaving less of a footprint here on earth.
Sometimes convenience gets in the way when we’re on the go, but we do try to avoid one of the biggest sources of plastic waste, you guessed it… water bottles.

Did you know that 2000 water bottles are used every second and by 2050, the ocean is expected to have more plastic in it than fish? That is extremely heartbreaking to hear, which is why we decided years ago to invest in a Brita pitcher and more recently the Brita Longlast Water Pitcher and stainless steel cups for our family. The water is clean and tastes great since it filters 99% of Lead, Mercury, Chlorine, Benzene, & more.Brita longlast
I love knowing that by using my Brita, I’m replacing up to 1800 bottles a year with our small change. That’s a significant amount when you’re avid water drinkers like my family. Longlast Filters also filter out odors and impurities for even better-tasting water for up to 6 months.

Brita longlast

After learning about how the ocean is negatively impacted by our everyday choices and uses, I’m going to start making better ones by purchasing less of the unnecessary “things” that we just don’t need. We’re going to be traveling to Vegas in the next couple of weeks and you best believe we’ll be packing our tumblers. Anywhere where we can avoid buying plastic water bottles we will!
Brita longlast

So make that small change, or even big change, and live #BetterWithBrita with me!Brita Longlast

To learn more about the Brita Longlast Pitcher and find out how to get it, click here.



  1. / 1:09 PM

    As I mentioned I love our Brita so much. We can’t stand unfiltered water, it all has this funny taste to us and buying water just seems weird anyway. Not only for the sake of the bottles but in general…why buy water? So we take our filtered Brita water with us on vacations too because I drink a lot of water and it makes it so much easier.
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  2. Harini
    / 7:15 AM

    Such an informative post. Thank yo for introducing me to a lovely product!

  3. Madison Lane
    / 11:30 PM

    We really have to do our part regarding this issue. As much as possible we must lessen plastic usage to a minimum. Thanks for your help!

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