9 Months Old Update

We’ve got a crawler!

She’s been getting around for a while but she just recently (as in a week ago) started crawling forward and FAST, which means I now have to invest in baby gates, outlet plugs and some running shoes!

She’s 9 months now and started to get her 3rd tooth today. She already has 2 on the bottom and now getting 1 on the top. I ended up getting her the banana baby tooth brush so she’ll get used to the idea of brushing.



She actually liked letting me do it today, probably because it felt good on her tooth that’s popping through. My poor little hunny. BTW, while I’m on the topic of teeth, have you ever seen a child’s skull? It will give you nightmares or persuade you to be celibate. But since I already have a kid, it’s like pshh, that ain’t nothin. Love my little tooth face.


She’s said mama a couple times now but Dada is still her main words of choice.

She’s shaking her head no. Not sure where she got that from since we don’t do it to her. But hey, at least she does it when she doesn’t want anymore food. And she’ll do it when it’s bed time and she don’t want to fall asleep, so she’ll shake her head to stay awake. Smart creatures I tell you.

We’re still breastfeeding, but now adding in some goats milk since she don’t want any formula anymore since it tastes like crap. I don’t blame her, I’ve tasted it and agree. So she’ll have an additional 4-8oz of goats milk a day. And holy balls is it expensive! Almost $5 for a quart and $7.50 for the higher end brand.

She’s climbing up on her knees in an attempt to stand. She loves standing up since it makes her feel independent, but her coordination still isn’t 100% there yet, but I’m in no rush.

My babies growing and time is flying.


Love you to pieces Arya Mae.


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