Great Wolf Lodge With Kids Under 4

Great Wolf Lodge With Kids Under 4

I’ve had my eye on Great Wolf Lodge for a few years now since I love water parks. We used to go to Wild Waves every year with a group of people and it was a ton of fun. Now that we have kids, I figured I’d use it as an excuse to take them to Great Wolf Lodge for our oldest daughter’s almost 4th birthday last month since it’s indoor and we don’t have to worry about the weather ruining our fun if it were to be cold and dreary with the PNWs fickleness.

We signed up for their emails and chose a weekday to make it a little more affordable. It ended up being about $155 a night with tax which beat the $250+ for a weekend night. I’m frugal by nature so anywhere I can save I will.

We didn’t take too many pictures of the room, but it was their basic 2 queen room with a couch and table and 2 chairs for seating. I think for the price, the rooms at Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, Wa are a little outdated, but it’s typical pricing for around here, especially towards the beach or cities. We weren’t there to sit and play in the room anyway so it wasn’t too big of a deal to us. We liked that we didn’t have to wait around until 4 pm check-in time and could actually start using the water park around 1 pm, so that was a bonus.

We didn’t add on any additional packages because I felt like we were there to just play at the water park and didn’t have much time to do any of the activities, like scavenger hunts, magi-quest, story time, yoga, dance party, bingo, crafts, etc. There are lots to partake in, but if your main goal is water, then I’d skip the packages!


Great Wolf Lodge With Kids Under 4

As soon as you walk into the water park entrance, you’re hit with 85-degree heat, so if you’re not going there to get wet, dress accordingly. It was like a sauna!

We knew our almost 4-year-old probably wouldn’t do the water tubes, so we mostly stuck around the kiddie/toddler area. They had 2 sections, both with smaller water slides and a few standing sprinkler faucets as well as jet skis to point and squirt!


Arya went down the wider water slide with daddy a couple of times, but as soon as she went underwater after coming down, we knew she was probably done with that. I just wished we would have gotten her a life jacket to put on right away to possibly help avoid going under but, we couldn’t find any smaller sized ones around at the time.

Delilah being under a year couldn’t do much so I hung around with her in the kiddie area while she sat and splashed in the water. She loves bath time, so I knew she’d love playing in the shallow water.

My husband did get to go down a single person non-innertube water slide while I sat with the kids, but if you go and want to enjoy it just as much as your kids, make sure you bring others along who will help watch the kiddos so you can take turns and have adult fun too. Our trip was for the kids but it would have been nice to go down one of the inner tube slides with my husband like old times.

After the kiddie area, we headed to the wave pool. I feel like when the waves get going, it’s worse at the shallow end where the smaller kids like to hang out. Arya was scared of being knocked down by the waves, so we didn’t stay in it long.

We then headed towards the big pool that has basketball hoops attached and activity at one end where you hold on to ropes and cross over plastic logs to get to the other side.

She enjoyed this area the most since it’s what she’s familiar with during summer time. In the summer, we always go swim in the grandparent’s pool or her aunties apartment’s pool when it’s super hot and intolerable. Swimming around in the big pool while wearing a lifejacket was her jam at Great Wolf Lodge.

After we were done in the pool for the evening, we decided to head up to the arcade since she had her eye on that after walking through the hotel a couple of times. We put $20 on a card and it lasted quite a while surprisingly. She got tired of playing the games after a while and wanted us to play so she could be the ticket collector. I did end up finding a game worthwhile that actually spit out a decent amount of tickets if you could squirt the holes fast enough and best believe, I did just that! LOL

She redeemed her tickets for a colorful shark which resulted in the baby shark song being sung over and over for the rest of the evening.

All in all, Great Wolf Lodge is a fun place for all ages, but probably a little more fun for those who aren’t “afraid” of rides or water getting in their face. The restaurants are expensive as to be expected but there are plenty of places down the road you can eat at.

We may wait a little longer to return when the girls can enjoy it a little more and maybe even mommy and daddy too!

Have you been to Great Wolf?



  1. / 1:59 PM

    I am so glad you all had a good time, even if it was in each your own way. I am sad you guys didn’t get some adult play time too, good idea on saying to bring someone along so you could get that too. The wave area would probably be my favorite. But the area with the squirting jet skis is amazing! I wanna play. hehe

  2. Corisa
    / 5:08 PM

    This looks like so much fun! I bet Fin and Lox would love it! It’s crazy that they have so much to offer. Thank you for the saving money tip!
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  3. Ami Moon
    / 1:51 PM

    THIS COMPANY HAS HAD MULTIPLE ISSUES WITH DISEASE TRANSMISSION and a huge turnover of employees and inexperienced management. Very little training.

    I’ve personally known two children who ended up in intensive care after visits to the park in Washington as a result of water borne infections.

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