Vegas: Day 3 – Moving to Mandalay Bay!

As most of you know, if you follow my blog, I got the 2 night stay in a great room suite at Mandalay Bay for free by participating in the MyVegas Facebook App. I was kind of dreading check in because I heard of other people being charged the resort fee even though it’s supposed to be entirely comped. I waited in line, with 2 suitcases, 1 bag and extra crap that we had our booze and mixers in since my husband had to go find a bathroom. It was actually annoying to move all of them as the line would move every 10 seconds when a person would go up to the many counter options. Thankfully, this nice guy behind me would help me each time so I didn’t have to grab everything every time. LOL

Finally, it was our turn and the check-in process couldn’t have been any smoother. No resort fee, 100% comped. When she asked us if we wanted a room near the elevator or at the end of the hall, I wasn’t thinking about how long of a walk it would be from the elevator or how others not near the elevator were probably fuddyduddys, but decided to choose away from the elevator, which ended up being a huge mistake!! We were at the very end, and I mean the very end of this mile-long hallway of rooms. At least we know we’re burning off calories just to get back to our room to get necessities like booze, but it was painstaking every time. We got all situated, and I was actually contemplating asking for another room closer to the elevator but didn’t want to go downstairs and wait in that long ass line again for another 15 minutes so we decided to suck it up since it was what we initially agreed on. Never again though, that’s for sure!!

We then decided to make ourselves a drink since it was about 4 pm and then made our way to the tram to Luxor so that we could go pick up our free carrot top tickets for this evenings show that I also got from MyVegas. Another painless process, except he couldn’t find me in their computer system at first and asked if I had a confirmation slip. As soon as I start pulling up my email, he says oh here it is, then asked how I got front row. Well, sir, it’s because I booked it months in advance. Said my thank you’s and walked away, which was just at the right time because a couple of our other friends just got out of the bodies exhibit right across the way. They were headed to Walmart to get booze though, so we didn’t hang out for too long.

After that, we just walk around and then eventually head to New York New York to use up my $75 credit to one of their restaurants and decided upon Chin Chin for some Chinese food. The food was decent, but they didn’t give you much on a family-style platter for the price. Also, do not order drinks here. They are like $13 a piece for one of those small, slender style glasses that they usually serve you when you’re walking around the casino. I about shit my pants when I saw it. I should have said something but I didn’t want them to spit on my food. You couldn’t even taste the booze either, I mean how could any booze fit in it when its topped with ice and mixer? Stupid Vegas, stop ripping people off with your ridiculous prices on booze and your tiny ass glasses. Now you understand why we go to Walmart to get stocked up all the time. But, since I had the credit, I had to spend it on something.

After we were all nice and full, we ran back to our room to drop off a few leftovers we had and grab a drink since it was almost time for Carrot Top. They actually allow you to bring in your own drinks and I thought that was cool since most of the shows don’t. Now if you haven’t seen Carrot Top and you plan to, I won’t ruin his skits for you, although I’m pretty sure he changes it up quite often, so people will continue to come back. When you walk in the venue, you pretty much see animals getting it on on the screen inside. So if you find that offensive, you probably shouldn’t be going to see him anyways. My husband was getting a little buzzed and usually, that means he’s loud. He kept drawing attention to himself but Carrot Top was probably like ignore the drunk, obnoxious guy. But when Carrot Top asked if there were any fellow redheads in the audience, of course, my husband raises my hand for me and then his immediate focus is on me and so is everyone else in the audience. Good thing I couldn’t see them since I was in the front row, but the people next to me were all staring so I knew everyone else probably was too. If you know me, you know I hate being the center of attention. Anyways he asked me a question about if I knew redheads were a dying race. I knew, but I acted confused. lol

About mid-show, he gets out his crown royal and plastic cups and starts pouring and giving to random people. I think he avoided us because my husband was already feeling good. You drunk dick, thanks! 

After the show, Carrot Top came up to the front row and shook everyone’s hand. He told me he liked my top, probably because I had cleavage going on. Why else would a man say he liked my shirt, hmm?

A friend of mine mentioned how gross he was and to avoid the roid juice he squirts from his nips, but actually, I think he toned the roids down a bit since he wasn’t so abnormally bulky in weird sections of his body anymore. He looked completely normal, besides the facelift and plastic surgery. He denies it, but I know it’s been done.

So now we started heading downstairs to get back on the tram but stumble upon a karaoke bar in the Luxor. I figured we might as well use our CT tickets to get a buy one get one free drink since it mentioned that inside of the venue. We did that, and the drinks were exceptionally well, and 2 for $11 is not bad considering all of the other places we’ve been ripped off by at this point.

My husband is a karaoke freak and likes to make a fool of himself, especially when he’s drunk. I, even when drunk, like to sit back and laugh at him and not get up there because one, I know I can’t sing, and two, I don’t like being the center of attention as previously mentioned. He always begs me to sing love shack with him, but that song is like the most played out song at a karaoke bar. I tell him, I’ll sing with him at home. Sometimes, I wish I would just let go and be outgoing but it’s kind of hard. Anyways, he’s having trouble finding a song, so I pick something that I know he’ll be good at with his personality. He loves Billy Idol, and he can do him decently, I think anyway, and so he chose “Dancing With Myself”. I got out the video camera when he did it just so he can see and hear what he sounds like. He got so embarrassed and told me I am not to post that on Facebook. I so desperately wanted to since he was grabbing his body like he was making out with himself. He’s a funny fella. So we text our friends to come on down and join in the fun, they do, but after Don’s done singing, we all move along back to our room. We started heading towards the tram and they shut it down at 11 pm. This is Vegas people, why is it shut down at 11? JEEZ!!! So now we have to walk all the way through the Luxor, through the Mandalay Bay Shoppes and finally an hour later get to our room.

We start pouring drinks for everyone, which is 10 people in our Great Room Suite. Remember when I said we chose the end of the hallway? Yeah, well about an hour after being in the room and listening to some 2pac on their iPod docking station, we get a knock on the door. It’s security telling us they got noise complaints, which I didn’t think we were being very loud, but I guess when you have 10 people talking it may seem that way. We were dancing, drinking, playing poker and listening to some music. Didn’t think that would have alarmed anyone. But, I think the convention people were right next to us like I said, so they complained. The security guy told us this was our first warning, if we get 2 more, we’re getting kicked out. So obviously we didn’t want to get kicked out, so we headed out of the room and downstairs and to Excalibur. Six of them randomly disappeared, so now it was 4 of us left. We played some slots a little bit then decided to call it a night too. After all, it was probably pushing 4-5 a.m and we needed some sleep.

Until next time.


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