Carnaval Court in Vegas Was Surprisingly Fun.

Carnaval Court in Vegas Was Surprisingly Fun.

When friends and I were in Vegas last month, us girls were looking for a place to dance one of the nights we would be there. We didn’t really feel like dealing with any of the insanely packed dance clubs that feature celebs and high priced covers, so someone mentioned this place. Since we were right across the street staying at the Mirage, we were down to give it a try.

I have to say this is the most fun I’ve had dancing in Vegas.

There was a live band playing which played a mixture of classic rock, mainstream rock, etc. Then around midnight, a DJ starting playing 90s rap music which brought us back to our high school days.

Not everyone was dancing, so it was a perfect sized area for those that wanted to be up by the stage.

The bartenders were entertaining with their bottle juggling and they seemed to make decently booze filled drinks, but the prices made my bunghole cringe! $16 for a long island in a small plastic cup? I think my friends vodka/cran was $13.

What I always like to do is bring a flask and fill it up in the room before I head anywhere on the strip because I’m cheap like that. Then order a coke/juice and fill it up when they’re not looking. This place is dark enough and there’s quite enough seats that you most definitely won’t be caught. Screw em for charging these inflated prices!

The DJ will often throughout the night offer up free shots from the bartenders to get the crowd lively. I opted to get a free shot, but it wasn’t worth the $5 tip that my husband left. It was like a lime margarita mix. PFFT.

Also, this place is filled with people in their late 20s-50s. A wide variety of ages can be seen here. At least the night we came.

It was kind of funny. The DJ put on a Michael Jackson song, and my husband started busting out the moon walk and you could see a flock of cougars swarm him like flies around shit. I couldn’t stop laughing, but we all had fun, so it was worth it.

Whenever I’m back in Vegas, I’ll be sure to stay at this end of the strip just so I can go back to Carnaval Court.

BTW, where’s the bathroom? You get dinged for this since you almost made me pee my pants.

The closest bathrooms are in either Harrahs or the Quad Casino, but they really need one in the venue somewhere.

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