I Wish The World Wasn’t So Full of Disease and Shitty People

These past few months have been an extremely hard time. My grandpa got lung cancer and ended up dying at the beginning of September. He went downhill pretty quickly but we don’t exactly know when he initially got it. Then my husband’s sister was diagnosed with liver cancer and ended up passing late September. A month before that his grandma passed and on Nov 1st around midnight, his niece was hit by a drunk driver which messed her up pretty badly. She was in the icu for a couple weeks and now she’s in the trauma unit recovering from surgery. Thankfully she survived and is making progress.

On the same night as her accident, my sisters husband decided to leave her for a young girl. It is seriously a shock to us all that he would act out this way considering they’ve been together for 9.5 years and married for 2 with 3 kids and she just found out she’s pregnant again.

I seriously don’t know how much depressing news I can take. This one angers me because we let him into our lives and treated him like family then he goes and does this to our loved one.

I get that people fall out of love all the time and go their separate ways but at least ask for a divorce before you go try to get into someone else’s pants and surely wear a damn condom so you don’t have 4 kids who are now going to be raised in a broken home. I’m upset she is pregnant so soon since she has an almost 9 month old and a 2 year old. So 3 kids under the age of 3…ugh. I seriously don’t know how she’s going to do it all by herself.

I can’t stress myself over it though. I’m already breaking out badly over all of this.

I wish the world wasn’t so full of disease and shitty people.

I would have really liked to get to know both my grandpa and sister in law much better. She was such a great person and didn’t deserve to leave earth this early.



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