I Don’t Know if I Can Watch the #Bachelorette Again…

The only real reason why I started watching this bachelorette season (late, might I add) is that I had nothing better to do or watch on TV. I figured why the hell not… it’s a time killer and I love reality shows. Although this season makes me want to stop watching it altogether. I might watch this coming up Bachelor if Chris (the farmer) is starring, because he’s just a real genuine person.


I am not a believer in love at first sight or love after 10 weeks. I never once said I love you to my now husband until a year after we were dating. It’s not a word I take lightly and it’s something that I was scared and nervous to say and wanted to make sure it was real and right, not only for me, but for him.


When I watched the after show of the finale it made me realize just how fake and obnoxious of a person Andi Dorfman really is. She’s not sweet, innocent, down to earth, nothing. Her final words at the end of the finale when she chose Josh were “I Love You and I have loved you ever since the first time I laid eyes on you”. Gag me with a spoon. Then on the after show, Nick who she dumped had questions… the real kicker is she wouldn’t talk to him outside of the show and he publicly said if you didn’t love me at all then why did you make love to me? A complete and legit question. This is what made me despise her. If she knew she loved Josh from the very first moment he stepped out of the limo, then why did she take Nick back to the suite and have sex with him? Obviously she’s a damn ho bag who wanted to test the goods so to speak before she took the plunge into married ville. Maybe she needed another notch down on her belt? Maybe sleeping with Nick was the final deciding factor? Was he not good enough in bed? Was his package not big enough for her? Either way, she’s a phony and a ho, so I guess she works well with Josh.


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