Clark County Fair 2014

Every year I usually head to the fair, mostly just the first day because it’s FREE. Yep, you bet your frugal ass I’ll take advantage of that! You also get free pancake breakfast with some mini sausages and a drink on the first day if you get there before 11 am.

My mom wanted me to meet her out there around 8 am. Uhhh no way. I need all the beauty rest I can get, plus the free breakfast isn’t THAT great for me to get up THAT early. We made it there probably around 9:45 and I notice my mom at the end of the line, obviously she didn’t get there that early either. Should have known, everyone in my family is slow showing.

We get in line for food, eat our breakfast in the grandstands and head out to check out the animals and displays. Every year they seem to have something new going on, like this year, they had a sea lion show which was absolutely adorable. You can definitely tell they love all the human interaction they get. There was one that was cheesing it up for every photo they took. There was a high diving pirate show which reminded me of something you’d see in Vegas. A tad mediocre, but what can you expect…

There was a Toytopia which featured LEGO play areas. I am sad I didn’t go in there because they had a giant transformer in there. I could have taken a pic with Optimus Prime and make the hubs jealous. Maybe next year!

After we ventured around for a while, we decided to let my nieces ride on some kiddie rides since they were getting awfully antsy.






As you can see, they enjoyed themselves, even if it did cost a small fortune. lol


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