Let Your Cats Indulge in the New Fancy Feast® Broths!

Fancy Feast® Broths decided to choose my cat for this great sponsored post campaign. Princess Yasmine thanks you for allowing her to try this decadent treat!  …


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Fancy Feast® Broths decided to choose my cat for this great sponsored post campaign. Princess Yasmine thanks you for allowing her to try this decadent treat!

 fancy feast broth


When Yasmine was younger, she was taken away and abandoned far too soon. We found her on the streets, took her in and bottle fed her, and when she was old enough, we started her on some wet kitten food. She probably ate creamy food for the first couple months after the bottle, then we transitioned her to hard food. She’s now 12 years old and has become picky in her old age, as in, won’t eat wet cat food anymore. Only thing I can think of is she got sick of it when she was a kitten. Now, she just likes the juice, which is why I was exited to let her try the Fancy Feast® Broths!


fancy feast broths
:::Perk::: What!? Fancy Feast® makes broths?

I consider Yasmine my furbaby, I always want the very best for her, and I feel like we have found that with the new Fancy Feast® Broths.

  • The Broths are carefully crafted without any by-products or fillers. By-products are the parts of the animal that you don’t want your pet eating, like internal organs, blood and bones from dead, dying and diseased animals.
  • Real and recognizable ingredients are at the heart of every Fancy Feast® Broths recipe. Have you ever opened cat food and thought, what the heck is that? I know I have.
  • Each perfectly portioned, ready-to-pour pouch includes a variety of lickable tastes and textures and tender bites of high-quality real seafood cats are sure to love. I love this because of the real meat and for the no-mess clean up, for instance when you need a spoon to scrape the food out of a can of cat food and end up dripping it or spilling it onto the counter.
  • Fancy Feast® Broths also come in 8 varieties and feature either a Classic Silky or Creamy Broth with the main ingredient as meat with added vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, spinach, etc.
fancy feast broths
pardon our weedy yard..


She knew something good was in the Fancy Feast Broths pouch, and as soon as I put it in the bowl she started to sniff and gave it a lick. Although she didn’t eat it all right then and there, she did come back to it later and finished it off. She is the pickiest of cats so if mine will eat it, so will yours!

Do you have a picky cat at home?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Fancy Feast®. #LoveABowl


  1. Your kitty is so cute! She should get paid for marketing fancy feast 🙂 Maybe in catnip? My fur baby is a bunny, but I know some cool cats I can pass the info onto.

  2. I have two cats and they would love this! I should buy them some for a treat.

  3. I don’t have a cat – but it sounds like if I did that they would like it!
    Caitlin recently posted…awokeMy Profile

  4. I don’t have a cat because I am super allergic, but I wish I had one 🙁

  5. Cats can be so particular in their taste that it’s a huge win-win when you find something they like. These are great pics too. 🙂

  6. looks like he loved the food. only one of my cats likes wet food but only when he is in the mood for it.

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