Redneck Beer Cake for Father’s Day

Normally I don’t do father’s day or mother’s day crap since I don’t need no stinkin’ holiday to love my parents, but I felt inclined this year since my step-dad chipped in towards my birthday patio set. So I set out to the store to buy his favorite beer in an 18pack. Yes, it’s this shitty Rolling Rock Piss beer I have decorated here. Then I took some ribbon string; tied it around the cans. Then I took the cardboard box the beer came in and cut it up to help with the stacking.

Then I ordered that super awesome Rednek Solo cup attached to a glass stem on Amazon. It was supposed to arrive Friday, so I’d have it in time for Sunday, but nope. FedEx decided to be slow assholes and so it arrived on Monday. A day late, but what can I do? I guess I could have went to the dollar store and got a glass candle stick and used one of my spare plastic solo cups and glued them together, but that would have been really really ghetto.

redneck beer cake

I was also going to put mini chocolate milky way bars on the top surrounding the cup but I forgot them before I went over to my sisters to set this up before he got home. Oh well, hubby will have to eat them or I’ll have to run over there again.

Want to surprise your redneck family member with a redneck beer cake, then simply follow the picture. It’s easy peasy!



    • Jenny
      / 4:54 PM

      Mine is a bit of a beer snob too and unfortunately his micro brews only come in bottles that I have found, so unfortunately no beer cake for him! lol He does want the cup though.

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