Happy Birthday To Me

I turned 32 today… unfortunately.

As you get older, birthdays become less important and more of a dreadful event, well, at least for me anyways. Who likes getting older? I still have so much to do and in so little time. Before I know it, I’ll be sitting in a nursing home having someone change my shitty diapers and giving me a sponge bath. Meh.

Yes, I am melancholy today, I think mostly because I’m just plain ol getting old, AND I haven’t had any success with having a baby yet. The older I get the more problems will arise, at least things that “I” think are problems. For instance, over the age of 35 increases your chances of having a baby with down syndrome. Not that I wouldn’t love it regardless, it would just be a difficult life for the child. The other is, what if we can’t ever have kids? When I was 20, I was told that I couldn’t have kids with really no explanation as to why. I cried. I felt defeated. But, I still have hope since doctors half the time don’t know shit from shit. Not one doctor after that has said anything of the sort, so I shrugged it off.

I guess all I can do is keep trying, I mean it’s really only been 4 months since we stopped using protection. Couples usually get pregnant in a year and a half. Hopefully.

anyways.. enough of that.

My husband decided to take me to Verizon so I could finally get my S5, and I am loving it! This coming from a first time smart phone user. The fingerprint identification is neat, so is the heart rate monitor and all of the other super awesome features. I am just glad to have a phone that has a nice camera so I can take great pictures, on the go, check email away from home, and use my coupon apps at the store. HELL YEAH!

After we get done at Verizon, my hubby asks if I want to go have a nice dinner, you know, other than our normal bar food. I am doing a low carb high fat way of eating so I couldn’t really think of any place that would suit my dietary needs. He mentioned Red Lobster, and I was like seriously.. you have to bring up Red Lobster, which immediately makes me think of their delicious cheddar bay biscuits. /drool. But I said okay, let’s do it as I’ll just have some seafood. And might I add, the garlic butter grilled shrimp was delicious and so was that skinny margarita. Yes, I cheated a little bit but it was worth it. AND I took one little bite of the biscuit, not as cheesy as I remember, but definitely garlic-y. mmm.

We get done with dinner and my parents, one of my sisters and her boyfriend are here moving boxes into the backyard. It’s the patio set I wanted! YAY. I’ve been wanting patio furniture forever so I can have a nice relaxing dinner with a table in the backyard. Now, I just need to find and buy an umbrella for it. Can’t wait to get it set up, but looks like we have rain in our future for a few days so it shall wait.


Overall, my day was good.



  1. Jenny
    / 10:37 AM

    Thanks Angie, I definitely did!

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