Keep Good Going In Your Family

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After watching this cute Keep Good Going video on YouTube about how this Stay-at-Home Super Dad gave up his career for a bigger, better job with higher benefits… made me sit back and realize that everyone makes sacrifices when it comes to our loved ones no matter the cost.

Go ahead, go watch it now and don’t tell me you didn’t at least smile once…

When I was 19, I was taking classes at a local college, and at the time, I lived with my grandparents to help them out since they had helped me out so much over the years. Needless to say, my grandparents needed me more than ever at that time, so college had to wait til a later date. It was a sacrfice I was willing to make in order to help be beneficial to my grandparents. I could go to college any time, which I did, but being there for loved ones when its needed was way more important to me.

Keep Good Going

Is about the idea of perpetuating the personal good that positively affects everyone in your life (your family). It’s the good you want to pass onto others you care about—in big or small ways—because you know how it can positively shape their life experiences.

The Keep Good Going Life Lessons are welcome nuggets of wisdom and insight that are derived from life experiences. They are often simple, but always profound because they touch on the truths that hold life together. They are personal (not social or community) good, about you and those close to you.

New York Life is celebrating and keeping tally of all of your special moments during Father’s Day. Have a special story to tell about your father? Go check out the “Celebrating Good” initiative and keep good going.

Learn more about how New York Life can help you and your family Keep Good Going

How do you keep good going in your family?

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  1. / 10:35 PM

    What a great message! I loved this! Everyone should watch this then sit back and reflect!

  2. / 4:04 AM

    Good topic and one I am writing about as well in my blog…once a month,on the 20th,I do one random act of kindness for someone in honor of my wife. Paying it forward is very noble and also just a right thing to do.
    Michael recently posted…From the Ashes,comes a Pink Hat MissionMy Profile

  3. Paula Parker
    / 6:43 AM

    I love this program Keep Good Going Life Lessons. So awesome. I hope everyone had a great Father’s day!

  4. Kungphoo
    / 7:13 AM

    That is a big sacrifice, and going from Military, to Work, and now home.. he has to be much less stressed. We have a nice balance in our family.. work is work and home is home..

  5. Ralff Dizon
    / 11:10 AM

    This video reminds me of my dad, how i wish he is still here to give some advice. Great post and i had fun watching the video and reading your post. Thanks for sharing.

  6. janelle
    / 11:53 AM

    great post. I also am helping take care of a grandparent, and you do have to sacrifice, but that is part of being a family.
    janelle recently posted…Polders Old World Market giveawayMy Profile

  7. Daisy
    / 12:52 PM

    Nothing is more important than family!

  8. Maria Oller
    / 10:44 PM

    I loved the video and such a great men, more people should keep the good going in our families and lifes

  9. Maurene Cabrera
    / 6:29 AM

    This video is truly very touching and enlightening. Sometimes, we have to give up something for the sake of acquiring something better. It’s really a noble cause to touch other people’s lives, most especially if that good thing is perpetuated. 🙂

  10. Leira Pagaspas
    / 7:28 AM

    How touching!! Family is indeed the most important thing.

  11. Jhady
    / 7:33 AM

    Aww I love your story and the love you showed to your grandparents. They will cherish it for the rest of their lives and for eternity. Being there for your family is the best way of showing love and care.
    Jhady recently posted…Almondina, A Healthy Cookie Review + Giveaway!My Profile

  12. Celebrate Woman
    / 3:09 PM

    Love the little nuggets that are simple, yet so, so precious!

  13. Zulema A Tomlinson
    / 7:12 PM

    Such a sweet post. My father was a single dad and raised me and my brother, and when I met my husband he was a single father too raising his son. I think it is great that there are wonderful fathers out there.
    Zulema A Tomlinson recently posted…Homemade Carne Guisada RecipeMy Profile

  14. Kristen
    / 7:15 AM

    How do I keep good going in my family? I stop and think and settle down before I go off yelling at my kids.

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