The Greatest Gifts for Grads at Best Buy

The Greatest Gifts for Grads at Best Buy

graduationIt’s that time of year again, summer is starting and seniors are graduating. This last Saturday we went up to Stevenson, WA and watched a niece graduate. I had never been to a small high school, so it was kind of neat to see how other schools do it. I am from the city, so we had a class of 500+ versus our nieces class of 60. No matter the class size, it’s always nice to see your family succeed in life. So very proud.

I think the hardest part about graduation is deciding upon what to get the graduate as a gift. Last year, when my youngest sister graduated, we bought her a laptop since she didn’t have anything like that. We figured it would help her out with future college classes. About 2 weeks after we gave it to her at her party, a dog sat on it and cracked the inside of the screen. Thankfully it wasn’t much more than that and was an easily replaceable fix, minus the $60 it cost. We have learned that even though insurance options seem like an expensive, additional charge at checkout, that it is needed as it could potentially save your butt, like in our case.

But, we’re still trying to decide what to get the niece since she hasn’t had her graduation party yet, in fact, it won’t be until next month, which gives us a month to figure it out. I figure either money or something electronic since teens these days need to be up to date on social media with the latest and greatest gadgets like the iPhone 5s. My 19 year old sister has been wanting that phone so I figure that would probably be an ideal option.

Some other great options for the networking graduate that we found at Best Buy are:



Regardless of what we decide to get our niece, I am sure she’d be happy with whatever we chose.


Do you have any family graduating this year?


This post has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card.

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