Best Buy: Where you Can Catch It All Now!

Best Buy: Where you Can Catch It All Now!

Some of you may be big fans of the current NCAA March Madness games that have been going on as of late. I know when we’re watching NFL, we always have the laptop open, my tablet on, sometimes even our phones so we can stay up to date on other games to see where everyone stands. There’s always multiple games on at the same time and this makes it easy for us to catch it all so we don’t miss a thing! I’m just glad we live in a world where we’re so technologically advanced. Back in the day, we had 1 bulky TV and we could only watch 1 program. How did we survive? LOL I have no clue!



Best Buy makes it easy for you to catch it all now with their smart HDTVs, cellphones, tablets, laptops and more! Head over to their website and check out how you can stay connected with multi-screen madness.

The one device that I cannot go without is probably my tablet. I usually have this near me at all times, especially if I am downstairs watching TV, that way I can stay connected with family, friends, and my blog. It’s less bulky than my laptop and it works fast and efficiently. Except when I need to type up a blog post, then I switch to the laptop. But if I am just replying to a comment or concern, then tablet it is! My family and friends know I probably won’t answer my cell phone since I hate typing on the small screen with the tiny buttons and actually talking on it. I definitely need to start liking the phone more, but maybe once I upgrade from my dinosaur to a smart phone, I’ll enjoy it a bit more. But until then, my tablet is my go to for most of my needs.

What is your go to device to stay connected?


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